Penang Indian Foods Near Bukit Bintang

Malaysia not only has been blessed with many types of foods. Even the same cultural foods in different places have their own unique taste. Melaka's Baba Nyonya's foods were different than the Penang Baba Nyonya foods. Chinese foods from the North are also not the same as the South Chinese foods. Sames goes to Indian foods. Penang Indian foods have their own unique taste too. Even we are still not ...

Curious Kitchen a Safe Place to Hangout

On top of wearing a face mask and frequent sanitizing and social distancing, dining in the open air would be the best choice at this moment to stay safer. While searching around for a good open-air dining place, we have discovered a rooftop dining restaurant which is located at Tropicana Avenue named Curious Kitchen.

Wall’s Ovaltine Crunchy Choc Pint Surprises It’s Fans With #CrunchyKawKaw

A new addition to the Wall’s Ovaltine ice cream series, the Wall’s Ovaltine Crunchy Choc ice cream pint is the go-to sweet treat for Malaysian to relax and unwind for a chocolatey crunchy delight from the comforts of their own homes. Every scoop is a delightful #CrunchyKawKaw experience filled with irresistibly Crunchy Chocolate Cereal Balls, followed by the perfect combination of the fan-favourit...

Healthy Mediteranian Pizzas and Tapas at Cata Restaurant

As more people are practicing a more healthy life, the food that we take into our bodies is equally important. Eating and living healthy has always been a culture to Mediterranean people and the foods that they served or eat were definitely being carefully made for this reason.

Homemade Multipurpose Paste by Sze Chilli

One of the secrets of most of our mothers or housewife would be Paste/Sauce. The sauce is an important ingredient for most of the foods we had. In this article, we would like to share with you one of the homemade local sauces by Sze Chilli. Sze Chilli is a small start-up offering homemade sauces based on Mom's Secret Recipe without any preservatives.

Creating a Mid Autumn Special Tea Infused Mooncakes with Purple Cane

As time goes by, there were many creatives mooncakes were available in the market besides the classical mooncakes. But which one would be a good one for you? Many of us know that when eating mooncakes it would be best to pair them with tea. This is because tea could remove the oil that we have consumed from the mooncakes. Does this mean that the classical mooncakes were not healthy? Well… it depen...

Best Crystal Skin Mooncake Only at Dorsett Grand Subang

Dorsett Grand Subang’s mooncakes were lovingly hand-curated by Master Chef Chan of The Emperor Chinese Restaurant at Dorsett Grand Subang. Every Mid Autumn, we would definitely be getting some of its crystal skin mooncakes for our Mid Autumn gathering and celebration. Despite the pandemic is still going on here, we have managed to get some of its crystal skin mooncakes to be eaten at home too.

Cook Japanese Meals at Home with Ready to Cook Meals

In order for the F&B outlet to survive, there were many F&Bs that had started to offer Ready to Eat or Ready to Cook meals for us to bring back home to cook. We have tested from Sauce/Paste up to Ready To Cook/Eat meals from different types of cuisines such as Local Malay, Chinese, and many more.We never had tried any Japanese Ready to Cook meals before. Out of curiosity, we had searched online an...

Handcrafted Moncakes by Grand Harbour

Mid-Autumn Festival is another big event for the Chinese. Even though we might not be able to celebrate this Year Mid Autumn like we used to be. Eating mooncakes with our close family members and mooncakes giftings we one of the things that we could not miss. The all-time favourite Chinese restaurant in town; Grand Harbour Chinese Cuisines Restaurant & Banquet is celebrating this Mid Autumn Festiv...

Personalised Your Healthy Meal with The Fish Bowl

The Fish Bowl is the first Poke Bowl restaurant in Malaysia which has been serving us in Klang Valley since 2016. Specializing in serving nothing but the freshest poke bowls, The Fish Bowl is also on a mission to bring what’s healthy and delicious to everyone at affordable prices.

Premium Burgers at The Burger Chef

We have come across The Burger Chef on their Instagram and were attracted by their delicious burgers photos. After reading about them, it makes us wanted to try it out even more. The Burger Chef understands that the patty is the heart of a burger. Hence they had carefully selected premium halal meat to make patties that are juicy, tender, and packed with flavor.

GreyV Cafe The Best Cafe in Petaling Jaya

While we are googling, we are attracted to Grey V Cafe which is located in Petaling Jaya had been listed as one of the best cafes in Petaling Jaya by more than one website. GreyV Cafe is an Industrial & Prison Theme Cafe that specialized in Starter, Mains, Finger Food, Pastries, Desserts, Coffee, and Mocktails.

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