US Pizza: A Halal Certified Pizza

Pizza is an international favourite foods. same goes to Malaysians. Pizza is one of the most common foods that is available around Malaysia. Recently we had explored a new Pizza restaurant which offers 100% Premium Cheese with 100% Fresh Ingredients; US PIZZA.

The New Wall’s Ovaltine Crunchy Pop Ice Cream Shakes Up the Ordinary with A #CrunchyKawKaw Surprise

Wall’s has collaborated with Ovaltine to introduce the newly launched Wall’s Ovaltine Crunchy Pop ice cream to Malaysians earlier this month. According to Wall's the new ice cream promises to bring on extraordinary excitement with every sound-inducing bite!

Marrybrown Launches ‘Hari Nasi Lemak MB’ for the Second Year

As the largest homegrown Halal fast-food chain that has been growing with fellow Malaysians in all the ups and downs, Marrybrown has launched it's "Hari Nasi Lemak MB' for the Second Year celebrating Marrybrown’s heritage and journey of serving Malaysians for the past 40 years to lift up the spirits and keep Malaysians moving forward!

Delicious Hakka Foods Right on Your Doorsteps

here were no doubt that Hakka people have some of the best foods in Malaysia. Before the pandemic is here, many of us will definitely rush over to have some Hakka meals directly or indirectly in our daily life. The pandemic and lockdown now restrict our movement and even having a great Hakka meals with our family are hard. But now worry not, last week, we had discovered a good online Hakka restaur...

15 Minutes Ready To Eat Comfort Food from Grandmama

Working from home is not an easy task as it seems. As a Work From Home workers, we now have to juggle between work, family and also home at the same time. Many of us had also realized that our working hour at home are even more than what we had during the normal days. It also means that the time for us to prepare meals for our self and loved ones are also limited.

Up to 63% Off on Tea Leaves, Teaware and More

Fans of Purple Cane Tea will be thrilled to know that we have planned 20 days of exciting tea promotions and giveaways specially to thank all our fans for supporting us all these years. The Purple Cane 34th Anniversary Member Day Sale will be happening from 13 July to 1 August 2021 simultaneously online via Purple Cane E-Shop( and all Purple Cane Tea Art Centres nationwid...

Light Up Your Day with Auspicious Lucky Tortoise Curry Bun

We have recently found Lynn's Bakery; a Halal certified Kitchen currently offering daily freshly made bakery to all of those who were in Klang Valley. Among the bakery that has attracted us were its Lucky Tortoise Curry Bun which comes with 2 flavors; chicken curry bun or vegetarian curry bun.

100% Natural Snacks by Urban Snacks

As healthy eating awareness has increased among many of the consumers, these snacks were no more longer a choice for the health conscious consumers. So if these people carve for snacks, what other alternative that they could get? Making their own natural snacks? But not all of us know how to make snacks. Understanding the needs for healthy snacks in the market, Urban Snacks pledge to produce 100% ...

Claypot Lap Mei Fragrance Rice by Health Care Forte

For claypot rice lovers, during this lockdown have you ever planned to buy a claypot to cook your own claypot rice? Do you know that not everyone could cook a delicious claypot rice by their own? There were some specific skills that needed in order to master claypot rice cooking. If you are not a claypot rice expert, you might be risking your claypot rice to be brunt, uncooked and etc. It would be...

Easy Meal With RTE by Nicsmann

As a full time working from home people, I understand that its hard for us to balance our work and also cooking meals for yourself and families. But now we do have some solutions from Nicksman. We found out that they offers ready to cook meals for its fans to heat up at home in just 5 mins time.

Special Pork Ribs Fragrance Rice by Health Care Forte

Yes it is Health Care Forte again. We are eRayn3 here were really in favour of the dishes cooked by Health Care Forte's Chef Pam. Starting from it's first Lobster Noodles which as caught our heart till its recent Poon Choi and now its Pork Ribs Fragrance Rice.

Dai Cha Dim Launches Steam Fun Rice @ RM 16.90

In conjunction with the lockdown, Dai Cha Dim has recently launched its Steamed Fun Rice menu for RM 16.90 each, available for takeaway or delivery. We had tries out 2 of their Steamed Fun meals; Minced Pork Patty & Salted Egg Yolk, Luncheon Meat Rice and found it was as delicious as we were dining in. It's Pork Patty meat were tender and juicy perfectly paired with its hot servicing rice. While i...

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