Use the Tab S8 Ultra as Your Laptop for a week

For many, an ultrabook is probably the best option when it comes to productivity. These laptops are compact, super lightweight, and good enough for multitasking productivity apps. But sometimes, you want features that an ultrabook might not offer. What then?

Why The Freestyle is Your Best Entertainment Companion

If you love streaming content, want something that’s easy to set up, and like the idea of taking the big screen with you wherever you go, The Freestyle is for you.

Lulu Hypermarket Launched Word Food Festival

The LuLu World Food Festival will be rolling out massive offers and exciting deals on its wide range of globally sourced products and hot food varieties across its hypermarkets in Malaysia from its Snacks, Roastery, chilles diaries, frozen foods, fruits and vegetables, fish wet market, ready to eat hot foods and many more.

The Importance of Writing a Will Regardless of Age

A last will and testament is a legal document that lets you decide what happens with your estate after you die. If you’re among them, you should know that there are many reasons to have a will. When you die without a will, you leave important decisions up to a local court and your state’s laws. You won’t have a say in who receives your property and other assets. Plus, not having a will can make it...

Daily Apps That You Must Use in Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

We had been exploring Samsung's ecosystems and recently have been using it's Galaxy S21 FE's for our daily lives. Beyond the classics— Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Google Maps and Spotify —we found some great apps in Samsung's ecosystems that might help you too.

Inovo Ceiling Fan! The Award Winning Brand

Selecting the right ceiling fan for your home is very important in the long term. There were many designs, sizes and also quality in the market. One should not be only looking at the designs and ignore the practicality of the fans such as airflow, power savings, warranty and many more.

Cleaning Your Home with Beko’s Cordless Vacuum Stick Cleaner

In fact, some even rival the deep cleaning performance of full-size vacuums. New models have more powerful, longer-lasting batteries and better brush rolls and attachments for deep cleaning. And when it comes to flexibility and convenience, they can't be beaten: its Actiflex foldable tube makes cleaning hard to reach areas much easier. They can easily clean upholstery, stairs, and even the car.

Get RM 50 OFF When You Shop at Lulu Hypermarket

In order to reward back its customers, Lulu Hypermarket in Setia Alam has launched an exciting "Coupon Craze" starting from 15th September till 30th September 2021 in Lulu Hypermarket Setia Alam. With every purchase of RM 100 on groceries, visitors would be able to receive an additional *RM 50 cash vouchers to shop at their fashion store on the UG level.

Carrie Bacbuster’s Kids Antibacterial Hair & Body Wash, 5X Gentler

Research shows that 58% of mothers switch to adult shower cream as kids are exposed to external environments particularly during this pandemic. The reason behind their switch is simple, safety. Most mothers are seeking antibacterial defense to keep their children clean and safe.

Samsung Bespoke and Family Hub Fridge – Made For Style with Practicality

If your decade-old refrigerator has finally decided to call it a day or the empty kitchen space in your new housing unit is looking scarce, this is the perfect time to get a new fridge. But zeroing in on the right one for your household is no easy feat! From size to door style, energy efficiency, features, and price, the variety available in the market today is enough to overwhelm anyone but makin...

Keep Your Family Safe with GShield Greenwipes

As the world are facing this challenges, all we could do now it to #KitaJagaKita by protecting ourself and our loved ones. As going out to buy our daily necessities are unavoidable, it is important that we will not brings back any viruses to our home. So what we have to do when we are back from outside?

SAFI launches a new Body Care range specially crafted for Hijabista in Malaysia!

The all time favourite Halal brand; Safi has just launched a series of body care that is formulated for modern, stylish modest wearers has hit the shelves for fellow Hijabistas. Even with multi layers outfits, hijabistas could keep them self fresh, comfortable and stylist by using their products throughout the day. This range of Safi's products are specifically made for Hijabistas to stay confiden...

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