Expert says, NEVER reboil the water in your kettle

MANY of us think nothing of re-boiling water in the kettle to make our morning cuppa, but it turns out doing so exposes us to some serious health risks according to health experts. Most tap waters contain natural chemical compounds, the make-up of which changes when first boiled. This is a good thing as it kills any germs and bacteria present in the water. However, when it is re-heated, the dissol...

Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort Makes Dreams Come True With New Tropical Wedding Packages

Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort, the upscale oasis on southern Thailand’s idyllic Phi Phi Island, is inviting couples to exchange their eternal vows in paradise with a series of spectacular outdoor wedding packages – including beachfront ceremonies suitable for LGBTQ partners – all overlooking the azure Andaman Sea.

Even the racing experts rely on WD-40®!

Every motorbike needs a regular care and maintenance to keep it in tip top condition. Whether you’re a daily commuter, weekend rider with fellow rider groups, you can rely on the blue & yellow can of WD-40® to ensure a smooth ride each time. Even the professional bike racing experts uses WD-40® to prep their bikes in the championships.

Luxury wellness resort, REVĪVŌ, introduces a new series of mind and body programs

Nestled in the peaceful setting of Nusa Dua, REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort is hosting a series of invigorating mind and body programs starting this month. REVĪVŌ, which means “I’ll live again”, embodies the philosophy of awakening the senses and the mind. The luxury wellness resort’s new wellness initiatives include Floating Sundays, a Reshaping Retreat and an exclusive 7-day Ketogenic Retreat. Float...

5 kinds of jobs you never knew actually uses WD-40

Found in almost every garage or workshop in the world, WD-40, which stands for Water Displacement-Formula Number 40, has often been associated with automotive and maintenance care, in particular the signature blue can WD-40 Multi-Use Product. But there are thousands of uses for WD-40. While one of its main functions, like its name says, is to displace or remove water particles from the surfaces an...

Now Everyone Can Afford Basic Life Protection

Today, RM6 in Malaysia will probably get you a plate of nasi lemak ayam, a bowl of noodle soup or a pack of chicken rice at your favourite hawker stall. But you know it isn’t enough for a movie ticket, or a burger at a popular fast-food joint. Yet, for the price of a local delight – a seemingly affordable sum to all – you can ensure that your family will be protected should anything untoward...

2Escape: The go-to name in Malaysia for all WD-40® BIKE solutions

WD-40® has partnered with Malaysia’s leading bike specialist, 2Escape, to bring its range of bike solutions to all biking enthusiasts in the country. The Petaling-Jaya-based sub-distributor has been appointed since the fourth quarter of 2017 to carry WD-40® BIKE series, namely solutions that cater specifically to the maintenance and care of all types of bikes in the market. “We are exc...

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