Flower Girl Coffee: Where Charm Meets Culinary Delights at Pavilion Bukit Jalil

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Nestled on Level 5 of Pavilion Bukit Jalil, Flower Girl Coffee is a delightful discovery for those seeking a cafe experience that combines both aesthetics and gastronomic pleasures. With its charming floral decor and lush greenery, the cafe beckons you to step into a world of culinary delights amidst a soothing ambiance.

A Swiss Culinary Adventure

Upon taking our seats, we were introduced to a revamped menu curated by an experienced chef from Switzerland. The menu offerings spanned from appetizers and salads to pastas and noodles, breakfast items, main courses, and poke bowl dishes. Eager to savor this Swiss-inspired culinary adventure, our group decided to dive right in and explore a variety of dishes.

Appetizers That Whet the Appetite

For starters, we decided to indulge in the Soba Sala, a delightful vegan dish featuring soba noodles, long beans, edamame, cherry tomatoes, crispy himeji mushrooms, all brought together with a harmonious blend of flavors. Alongside it, we ordered the Ginger Coriander Prawn Salad, a tantalizing dish featuring grilled herb prawns, tri-color capsicums, corn kernels, diced avocado, and a signature ginger and coriander dressing.

The Soba Sala’s medley of textures and the Ginger Coriander Prawn Salad’s refreshing taste made for an appetizing beginning to our meal.

Pasta and Noodles Galore

Moving on to the pasta and noodles section, we embarked on a culinary journey with the Shoyu Butter Seafood Pasta, a delectable fusion of fresh prawns, blue mussels, and mushrooms tossed in a Shoyu butter sauce. The Green Curry Grilled Chicken Noodle, featuring stir-fried homemade noodles with succulent chicken in a Thai green curry sauce, added a touch of exoticism to our dining experience.

And not to be missed was the Penang Style Nyonya Laksa, a fragrant homemade noodle dish served in a rich and spicy ginger flower coconut broth, accompanied by grilled chicken breast, long beans, deep-fried eggplant, and bean sprouts.

The Shoyu Butter Seafood Pasta was a harmonious blend of flavors, while the Green Curry Grilled Chicken Noodle transported us to the streets of Thailand with its authentic taste. The Penang Style Nyonya Laksa was a true celebration of Malaysian flavors.

Breakfast Bliss

For those who relish breakfast at any time of day, Flower Girl Coffee’s menu caters to your desires. We ordered the Crispy Tangy Egg Tortilla, featuring crispy deep-fried eggs wrapped in tortillas, served with a refreshing young mango salsa. The Cinnamon French Toast, coated in cinnamon sugar and served with a berry compote, added a sweet note to our culinary adventure.

The Crispy Tangy Egg Tortilla was an unexpected delight. The combination of crispy deep-fried eggs with the soft tortilla and the zesty young mango salsa created a burst of flavors in every bite. It was a unique twist on a classic breakfast dish that left us craving more. The Cinnamon French Toast was a sweet revelation, perfectly cooked and coated in just the right amount of cinnamon sugar. The accompanying berry compote added a refreshing contrast, making it a comforting yet refreshing choice for breakfast enthusiasts.

Main Course Marvels

Our main course selections included the Chicken Pong Tay, featuring braised chicken chop in sweet bean paste with shiitake mushrooms and roasted potatoes, served with steamed white rice. We also enjoyed the Breaded Chicken Chop, which consisted of breaded deep-fried chicken chop, wedges potatoes, and salad drizzled with truffle vinaigrette.

The Chicken Pong Tay was a savory masterpiece. The braised chicken chop was tender and soaked in the sweet bean paste, which lent a delightful richness to the dish. Paired with earthy shiitake mushrooms and perfectly roasted potatoes, it was a hearty and satisfying main course. The Breaded Chicken Chop, on the other hand, was a crunchy and savory delight. The crispy exterior gave way to juicy, flavorful chicken inside. The truffle vinaigrette drizzle added a touch of sophistication to the dish, making it a standout option for those who appreciate the finer flavors in life.

A Sweet Conclusion

To round off our delightful meal, we couldn’t resist trying the Blueberries Cheese Cake and the Chocolate Mille Crepe Cake. The Blueberries Cheese Cake was a creamy indulgence, while the Chocolate Mille Crepe Cake was a decadent treat that left us with a sweet memory of our visit.

The desserts at Flower Girl Coffee were the perfect conclusion to our meal. The Blueberries Cheese Cake was a creamy and luscious treat that was not overly sweet. The generous topping of fresh blueberries added a delightful tartness that balanced the richness of the cheesecake perfectly. As for the Chocolate Mille Crepe Cake, it was a chocolate lover’s dream. Each layer was thin, delicate, and packed with decadent chocolate flavor. It was a satisfying conclusion to our culinary journey, leaving us with sweet memories of our visit to Flower Girl Coffee.

Flower Girl Coffee at Pavilion Bukit Jalil offers a symphony of flavors and a cozy ambiance that is perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re stopping by for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, this charming cafe is sure to satisfy your culinary cravings. Don’t miss the chance to experience their latest Lunch Meal menu, available daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

For more information and updates, visit their Facebook page at Flower Girl Coffee Facebook.

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