The Inaugural International Miss Chinese and Malaysia Goddess Competition 2023

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Annabel Chen Meijie Wins First Place in “International Miss Chinese and Malaysia Goddess Competition 2023”

Annabel Chen Meijie, a 23-year-old contestant from Kuala Lumpur, secured the championship in the inaugural “International Miss Chinese and Malaysia Goddess Competition 2023.” This remarkable achievement also earned her the titles of “Most Creative Goddess” and “People’s Goddess,” making her a triple winner in the competition. Annabel, represented as contestant number 1, not only received prizes and rewards totaling RM 115,500 but will also represent Malaysia in the upcoming “TVB International Miss Chinese Competition” scheduled for February 25, 2023, in Macau.

During a press conference, Annabel Chen Meijie expressed her gratitude for the support she received from her family and friends throughout the competition journey. She emphasized that her success had exceeded her initial expectations and that she would use part of her prize money to treat her loved ones to a meal.

Annabel also revealed her plans to prepare diligently for the “TVB International Miss Chinese Competition” by learning Cantonese and focusing on her physical fitness.

Summer Liu Wei Yi, the founder of RS SIS Management and the Malaysia Goddess Competition, shared that Annabel Chen Meijie had dedicated herself to a rigorous fitness regimen, shedding 8 kilograms in preparation for the final competition. This dedication included a mostly vegetarian diet to maintain a balanced physique.

Liu Wei Yi also announced that the company had arranged various training programs for Annabel Chen Meijie, including public speaking classes, body management courses, and Cantonese language lessons. The goal is to equip her with the necessary skills and knowledge for a successful performance in the “TVB International Miss Chinese Competition” and to bring honor to Malaysia.

The judging panel, consisting of Lin Derong, Amber Xie Liping, and Zhuang Xuexin, the founder of Xmegami, praised Annabel Chen Meijie for her exceptional performance and highlighted her qualities of courage, intelligence, and confidence, which they believe reflect the attributes of a modern woman. Lin Derong also hinted at scouting future talent within the company.

Li Shiqi, the founder of the “Miss CosmoWorld World Miss Competition,” encouraged the award-winning contestants to utilize their abilities to inspire other women positively. Kimmy Liu Zhixi, the 2017 Hong Kong Jewelry Queen and former TVB contract artist, advised aspiring contestants to maintain a humble attitude in the highly competitive entertainment industry.

The “International Miss Chinese and Malaysia Goddess Competition 2023” took place at the Hua Zong Building and saw the top 10 contestants compete in four rounds, including wearing balloon-made outfits, swimsuits, a catwalk, and evening gowns, to determine the final five.

After intense competition, the final five contestants included Annabel Chen Meijie (contestant number 1), Crystal Liu Jingwei (contestant number 4), Amanda Zhang Zhishan (contestant number 10), Joanne Chen Minhui (contestant number 9), and Juliana Li Keqing (contestant number 8). They underwent a rigorous question-and-answer session with the host, Wayne Tang Weiyan, demonstrating their intelligence and wit for the nine judges.

Annabel Chen Meijie answered the question, “What is the biggest difference between people?” Her response emphasized experience and values as traits that make individuals unique. Her confident and intelligent answer earned her additional awards – the “Most Creative Goddess Award” and the “People’s Goddess Award.”

Crystal Liu Jingwei secured the second place and was also awarded the title of “Tourism Goddess.” Amanda Zhang Zhishan took the third place and was honored as the “Cultural Goddess.” She emerged as the biggest winner of the night, receiving three additional awards: “Most Elegant Goddess,” “Friendship and Goodwill Goddess,” and “Urban Ambassador.”

Crystal Liu Jingwei and Amanda Zhang Zhishan will now prepare for the “Miss CosmoWorld World Miss” competition to compete with other contestants.

The “International Miss Chinese and Malaysia Goddess Competition 2023” concluded successfully amid a lively atmosphere.

Complete list of winners for the “International Miss Chinese and Malaysia Goddess Competition 2023”:

– Champion: Annabel Chen Meijie
– Runner-up (Tourism Goddess): Crystal Liu Jingwei
– Second Runner-up (Cultural Goddess): Amanda Zhang Zhishan
– Fourth Place (Women’s Rights Ambassador): Joanne Chen Minhui
– Fifth Place (Green Environmental Protection Ambassador): Juliana Li Keqing

Additional Awards:
– Most Elegant Goddess: Amanda Zhang Zhishan
– Perfect Physique Goddess: Kiki Chen Jingyu
– Best Talent Goddess: Christine Zhang Shanting
– People’s Goddess: Annabel Chen Meijie
– Most Creative Goddess Award: Annabel Chen Meijie
– Friendship and Goodwill Goddess: Amanda Zhang Zhishan
– Most Photogenic Goddess: Joanne Chen Minhui
– Best Smile Goddess: Shy Lai Peishi
– Urban Ambassador: Amanda Zhang Zhishan
– Face Bar Ambassador: Shy Lai Peishi
– Hair Bar Ambassador: Huang Yongjia
– Yu Wellness Ambassador: Crystal Liu Jingwei

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