GINTELL Unveils the Revolutionary GINTELL S6 Plus 8-Hands Wellness Chair

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GINTELL, the leading healthcare retail chain in Southeast Asia and Malaysia, celebrated a significant milestone today with the official launch of their highly anticipated Wellness Chair Series, introducing the groundbreaking GINTELL S6 Plus 8-Hands Wellness Chair. This remarkable chair, a first in the market, boasts 8-D Twin Rollers that mimic the soothing touch of four masseuses simultaneously, offering immediate relief from body aches.

The launch event also marked the inauguration of GINTELL’s 117th retail outlet, the Signature Showroom, situated at Level 6, Lot 6.16.00. Commencing the ceremony with eight mesmerizing lion dance performances, symbolizing blessings and prosperity, GINTELL continued their long-standing tradition. Following the lion dance festivities and blessings, a ribbon-cutting ceremony took place, accompanied by photography and videography. The event was graced by GINTELL’s esteemed brand ambassadors, top management, and Pavilion KL’s management.

Subsequently, the attendees were guided to Level 2, Centre Court, for the ambassador endorsement signing ceremony between international artist Simon Yam and GINTELL. The ceremony was followed by the grand unveiling of the new Wellness Series massage chair, the S6 Plus 8-Hands Wellness Chair. Simon Yam also shared his testimonial, highlighting the exceptional features of the chair, and engaged in a meet and greet session with his fans.

The event saw the presence of GINTELL’s management, along with their ambassadors Simon Yam, Amber Chia, and Dato’ Seri Master Chris Leong. Pavilion KL management and members of the media were also in attendance to witness the grand launch. Additionally, GINTELL’s roadshow will continue from July 3, 2023, to July 16, 2023, operating from 10 am to 10 pm.

GINTELL S6 Plus 8-Hands Wellness Chair: Redefining Massage Experience

The GINTELL S6 Plus 8-Hands Wellness Chair represents an upgraded version of the acclaimed GINTELL S6 Wellness SuperChAiR. It stands as the market’s first massage chair to incorporate the latest AI massage technology and feature 8-D Twin Rollers. These innovative rollers are divided into two sections, allowing for precise spot massage on the upper and lower back, delivering an unparalleled massage experience. The twin rollers simulate the sensation of four masseuses working simultaneously, providing comprehensive relief from body aches.

The GINTELL S6 Plus is equipped with an AI Fatigue Bio-Scan system, which customizes the massage program according to your individual needs. Simply place your finger on the biometric scanner for 30 seconds, and it will measure and analyze your heart rate, blood oxygen level, and fatigue index.

Featuring the 230° Thai Stretch program, endorsed and consulted by renowned Tit-Tar Master Dato’ Seri Master Chris Leong, this chair offers a full-body stretching routine that enhances joint flexibility and mobility.

The 360° Heat Spa Therapy employs warm airbag compression on the back, waist, calves, and abdomen. It includes a graphene-infused strap for superior heat absorption. This therapy effectively relieves muscle tension and relaxes abdominal muscles, easing pain caused by spasms or menstrual cramps.

The Brain Relief Therapy program in the GINTELL S6 Plus is a distinctive feature designed to enhance sleep quality and alleviate mental stress. This specialized program creates a calming ambiance by playing gentle and soothing background music throughout the massage, effectively soothing and relaxing the nerves.

The GINTELL S6 Plus 8-Hands Wellness Chair offers Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to seamlessly connect and control the massage chair via their smartphones using the GINTELL Super App OS application, available for download on Google PlayStore and AppStore.

To commemorate the launch of the GINTELL S6 Plus 8-Hands Wellness Chair, GINTELL is offering a special grand launch promotion. For a limited time, the chair is available at an exclusive price of RM14,988, with a retail value of RM29,988. Customers will also receive a free gift worth up to RM8,988. For further inquiries or pre-orders, please contact +60124046033 or visit or your nearest GINTELL showroom.

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