Toriden Lot 10 Launches New Menu For This Season

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As the name Toriden means Chicken, Toriden offers wide varieties of Japanese cuisines that was made from Chicken. Toriden is a local shops(local production of local products) familiar with rich cultures and ingredient of Kyushu. Basically Hakata’s local cuisine “water cooking” according to modern lifestyle which means when you come to Hakata will be called “classify water. Located on Level 4 of Isetan The Japan Store at The Table, one can savour the Mizutaki, a traditional dish originating from Japan’s Hakata region, Fukuoka at Toriden.

Every day, Toriden produce a luscious chicken soup by boiling farm fresh chicken for at least six hours to fully extract its flavours and natural collagen; this soup is the base of their chicken hotpot (Mizutaki). Mizutaki is a traditional chicken hotpot from Kyusyu, southern art of Japan. This process breaks down the collagen which renders the broth white and delectable. If you are looking for a nutritious, collagen filled soup to help recover the firmness and elasticity of your skin, you’re at the right place.

Recently Toriden has launched its new Premium course hotpot which includes a Mizutaki soup with a choice of Appetizer, Salmon Avocado Salad, Chicken Tempura and Mentaiko. The hotpot dish as usual will also ends with a porridge or noodle dish where the rice is being poured into the left over broth (which has lots of essence left overs in it) and a Choice of dessert; Match Panna Cotta, Hojicha Pudding, Azuki Kinako Ice Cream or Creme Brulle.

Match Panna Cotta and Hojicha Pudding
Creme Brulle

Besides Mitzutaki meal, one could also opt for their new ala-carte menu such as Tofu Salad, Toriden Fried Chicken, Yam Okonomi Yaki, Toriden Whole Chicken Leg, Toriden Spicy Ramen and many more.

Tofu Salad
Toriden Fried Chickent - Spicy
Toriden Fried Chicken - Katsu
Toriden Whole Chicken Leg
Okonomi Yaki
Toriden Spicy Ramen

For more information, check out their facebook at

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