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A Wi-Fi-connected indoor home security camera lets you keep an eye on what’s happening in your home when you’re not there and doesn’t cost nearly as much as a full-fledged security system. One of the biggest benefits of a smart home is being able to know what’s going on when you’re not there. Whether you want to check in on your kids, pets, or an exotic jewel collection, a home security camera is an effective tool for monitoring everything from afar.

Affordable, easy-to-use and easy-to-install security cameras enable you to keep an eye on your home–inside and out–from wherever you have internet access are some of the features that we will be looking at whenever we are looking to buy an IP Camera.

The Tenda’s latest IP Camera; CP6 is a Pan / Tilt IP Cam that has been officially launched last month together with 2 of its brothers; the CP3 and CP7. We manage to get a unit of it to test it out and we found it is one of the most Versatile IP Cam for a home that we had ever tested here are some of the reasons:

HD Video Recording (2K Super HD). The Tenda’s CP6 IP Cam was able to record HD Videos up to 2K Super HD. A video quality that has clearer and better details videos than 1080p videos. This would help us to identify more details of a crime if it happens in our home. Enhanced Infrared Night Vision. As IP Camera is being used as a home monitoring device, night monitoring is the most important monitoring for the home. As most of the crime happens during the night time. Having a move brighter and clearer night videos is very important. With the 4 x, 850nm IR Night Lamp offered in Tenda’s CP6 IP Cam, it could detect night vision up to 10 meters far. With this, we would be res assured that every unwanted activity will be recorded more clearer.

Larger View. Many IP Cams have only one wide view. But with Tenda’s IP Cam could be rotated 360-degree horizontal and 155 degrees vertical (90 degrees upward and 65 degrees downward). This enables us to have a larger view of our home area with these features included in it. The Tenda’s CP6 IP cam could be placed on the desktop, ceiling, and wall; depending on the area/angle that you could like the IP Cam to show.

Tenda CP6 IP Cam
Tenda CP6 IP Cam Wall Mount

Motion / Human Detection Tracking (+ Sound and Alarm).  While just recording and monitoring our home is not enough, Tenda has included Motion / Human Detection Tracking in its Tenda’s CP6 IP Cam. These features are important to record down any Motion / Human that appears in front of the IP Cam. It has a follow feature aka Smart Tracking included in it to enable the IP Cam to follow and record human motion and send an alarm note (to inform the user on the home tracking activities) to the user too.

Night Human Detection

Two Way Audio Communication. The Tenda CP6 IP Cam also comes with Sound Recording (record sound at the home area) and also an Intercom function (to talk to the people that are in that area) too. This makes the IP Cam more versatile where users could hear the sound in the home area and also talk to their Cat/Dog and even people around the home.

Share and Control. While we were controlling the IP Cam through our mobile apps, we could also share our webcam with our family members. eRayn3’s editor; Taeki was thinking to install more of Tenda’s CP6 IP Cam in his hometown to monitor his aging mother who is living alone at home. These features were very useful to Taeki as it enables Taeki to monitor his mother’s movement at home together with his brother that is living in the UK and immediately take action if there were any emergencies.

Two Way Storage. The Tenda CP6 IP Cam comes with a Micro SD Card slot storage (supports up to 128GB) and also Cloud Storage (FREE 3 months with every Tenda CP6 IP Cam purchase). This enables users to store all important videos and photos recorded from the CP6 IP Cam.

What’s In the Box?

The Tenda CP6 IP Cam comes with some basic accessories such as one Security Pan/Tilt Camera, Power adapter, Wall-mounted accessory kit, a Quick installation guide, and a Warranty book (pst! it comes with a two Years Local Manufacturer Warranty).

Whats in Tenda CP6 IP Cam Box

How to Set Up?

As a user, not all were tech experts. Hence many users might be worried about its set-up processes. Tenda’s products were geared toward a more set-up-friendly environment, its Tenda’s CP6 IP Cam did the same too. Here are how you could set the IP Cam up:

  1. Download and Open Up TDSEE Apps from Play Store or Apps Store. Select “Add Device” on the TDSEE Apps.
  2. Connect your power adaptor to the Tenda CP IP Cam and Power it Up. Upon successfully powering up, the LED indicator will turn to quick blinking blue once it is powered on approximately for 40 seconds and you will hear a tone “Waiting for Connection”.
  3. Select your WiFi Network for the Device. Pst: It works on 2.4GHz Wifi only. You need to connect both; the Tenda CP IP Cam and your phone to the same 2.4GHz Wifi Connect to set it up.
  4. Use Tenda’s CP IP Cam to scan the barcode in the apps. If you did not hear the prompt tone, press the reset button at the back of Tenda’s CP IP Cam to reset. Press the “Add Device” again and it will be successfully connected.
Tenda CP6 View

Upon successful set-up, your Tenda device would be available on your TDSEE apps. You may now be able to rename the IP Cam and set the alarm details such as alarm timing, sound and light alarm, alarm interview, detection mode (human or motion), detection sensitivity, alarm notifications, and many more.

During the operation of the Tenda CP IP Cam, you may get a live view of your home area, pan/tilt the camera to view, take photos and video recordings, and use its privacy shutter feature to keep your view private for a specific period of time, use intercom feature to talk to human or animals in that area, show playback on recorded videos, set up cloud and also share the IP Cam to family members.

Our Thoughts. The Tenda’s new CP IP Cam comes in 3 types of models; CP3 (2MP resolution – 1920*1080p), CP6 (3MP Resolution – 2304*1296p), and CP7 (4MP Resolution – 2560*1440p). Priced starting at RM 109 for CP3, RM 129 for CP6, and RM 169 for CP7, the Tenda CP IP Cam definitely has a model that suits your budget and needs and it’s easy to install too.

For more information on Tenda’s CP6, check out their website at https://www.tendacn.com/my/default.html or their official Flagship Shopee (https://shopee.com.my/tendamalaysia) and Lazada (https://www.lazada.com.my/shop/tenda-malaysia) store.

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