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Pentabase, an IT focused business consulting and marketing firm headquartered in Singapore, is delighted to announce the launch of its life-tech mobile application, GoalKeepin. Designed to help individuals and professionals stay focused on achieving their goals, the mobile application spotlights a variety of challenges along with a rewards system.

Born out of a desire to encourage individuals to stay on track and work towards goal achievement, GoalKeepin is easy-to-use and its minimalistic screen layout allows for easy navigation. From health and wellness to lifestyle and personal finance, the challenges are categorised into eight categories that make using the mobile application a more holistic experience by applying social science to focus on the areas of personalisation, engagement and social. Put together, these unique features come together to create an optimum environment where end-users can achieve clear goals and develop constant habits day-by- day, allowing them to stay focused on their priorities.

Making goals feel and seem more real than just an abstract concept, the mobile application’s interface allows users to easily interact with the device’s features, contents, and functionality. This enables end-users to easily keep track of their challenges.

Says Andrew Lee, Pentabase’s Chief Operating Officer: “Setting goals are an excellent way to fuel one’s ambition. Many successful individuals and high achievers set goals, giving them both foresight and the motivation to achieve what they have set out for. We thought that the best way to inspire the majority of individuals to stay focused on achieving their set goals is, perhaps, to offer rewards. What better way to do that than to come up with a mobile application that rewards users each time they successfully accomplish a set goal.”

Pentabase’s GoalKeepin: Key Features and Functions

Leveraging on a rewards system as a key motivator, the mobile application allows both individuals and professionals to track their goals on a day-to-day basis. A minimum deposit of SGD 10 is required to lock in users’ commitment, thus encouraging them to not give up on their goals. The reward, which takes the form of a reimbursement for deposit fees, will be awarded to users once they have achieved at least 85% of their goals in a set timeframe. This rewards system allows end-users to cultivate good time-keeping habits and stay focused on their priorities.

According to a 2018 study 1 by Cornell University, individuals who receive immediate, frequent rewards for completing small tasks reported more interest and find greater pleasure in their work, compared to those who receive delayed rewards only given out at the end of a long project. Through a rewards system that recognizes goal-setting and goal-achievement, the GoalKeepin mobile application aims to enable end-users to find greater satisfaction and meaning in attaining their goals.

GoalKeepin: Create Easy and Fun Challenges

Making the process of goal-achieving a fun and exciting one, GoalKeeping allows end-users to set themselves manageable yet achievable goals through a diverse range of challenges. The challenges set can range from anywhere between two and four weeks, depending on the duration, objectives, and intended outcome.

Says Andrew Lee: “The application is easy-to-use and straightforward to comprehend. End- users can download the mobile application on either Apple and Android stores, sign-up, and start using it. With over 100 challenges like waking up early, drinking at least two liters of water every day, users can participate in various challenges and they can get to know a group of people who are also working towards the same goals. GoalKeepin will assist users in changing their lives by repeating small habits with people who have similar interests.”

Positioned as a smart, life-tech mobile application that spearheads both personal and professional goal attainment, GoalKeepin works on the Six Rewards Principles. Aligning rewards with personal goals to create win-win outcomes, the mobile application aims to provide end-users with a crystal-clear direction in relation to goal achievement on both a personal and professional level. The application will also enable end-users to explore other users’ challenges, progress, and social feeds to keep them inspired. End-users of all ages will be able to enjoy the mobile application’s full functionality without having to worry about data and energy consumption. All these features are aligned with both Millennials and Gen-Z users’ desires for the ideal mobile application.

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