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Many of us in Klang Valley were not born here. We are from everywhere else in Malaysia besides Klang Valley. As the MOC 3.0 is here, we are again not allowed not only to cross borders but also districts. It also means that many of us would be staying at our home more now. But how many of you guys missed your mum’s homecooked food? Or some home comfort foods besides those fast foods outside there?

Nanny Houz, a Johor local restaurant; a food production entity that focuses on Traditional and homemade foods with Flagship food – Signature Taufupok. Recently, they have come out with an idea to send their restaurants home comfort foods over to us by pre-packing its delicious homemade frozen Signature Taufupok into packets and delivered it to our doorsteps.

Among the 3 Signature products that have been their bestseller were; Signature Taufupok, Mala Taufupok, and Taiwanese Bah So (Braised Minced Pork). Today we would like to share with you how we used all 3 of these dishes to create a hearty comfort meal at home.

Let’s start with the Signature Taufupok:

Step 1: Unpack the Signature Taufupok
Step 2: Fry the Signature Taufupok until it turns brown
Step 3: Remove from the frying pot and its ready to be served

If you love Mala, you could also use the same steps to fry the Mala TauFuPok too.

As for Mala Taufupok:

Step 1: Unpack the Mala Taufupok and place it into a pot
Step 2: Add in Mala Paste and 500ml of water
Step 3: Mix well and boiled it for 5 mins with low heat
Step 4: Remove from the pot and its ready to be served

And for the Taiwanese Bah So (Braised Minced Pork):

Step 1: Unpack the Taiwanese Bah So and place into a pot
Step 2: Boiled it for 5 mins with low heat
Step 3: Remove from the pot and its ready to be served

The Taiwanese Bah So is made to be placed on top of a bowl of hot rice and even dry noodles. If you are a fan of Lou Shu Fun, you could also mix the Luo Shu Fun into the Taiwanese Bah So in the pan upon completing Step 2 above before serving it. This completes the simple home-cooked comfort meal at home.

In order to preserve the freshness of the foods and making the foods still taste as if it’s freshly made, Nanny Houz has used the Quick-Freezing technology to freeze its foods instead of the normal freezing method.

Quick-freezing technology can not only preserve the flavor and nutrients of food, but also effectively inhibit the growth of microorganisms and make them dormant, and even some microorganisms die due to low temperature, thereby effectively ensuring food safety. At the same time, the long-term freezing technology keeps the activity of biological enzymes in a low temperature inhibited state, and effectively inhibits the ability of biological enzymes to decompose protein and fat under low-temperature conditions, thereby preventing food spoilage. Hence Nanny Houz’s product does not need to add preservatives in them and still could be kept for 4 months before consumption.

After trying out Nanny Houz’s toufupok and Taiwanese Bah So, we now know why it has been loved by many of its fans. Get 5% off from your total bill (with no minimum purchase when you key in our Promo Code: ERAYN3 before you check out. Currently, they are offering FREE Delivery for any online purchase of RM 120 and above too.

In conjunction with Mother’s Day month, buyers will also be entitled to receive a Lunch Box and a Warmth Bag worth RM 50 for any purchase above RM 180 (valid for the month of May 2021 only).

To check out more information or purchase, check out to contact

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