Hot Food Till The Last Drop at Meat & Sea KL

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Whenever we are eating our foods, it normally gets cold towards the end of the meal. But this thing will never happen at Meat & Sea KL. Meat & Sea KL a Thai Restaurant that offers authentic Thai home-style dishes using 100% Thai ingredients procured from a small producer while adding our very own twist of cooking style. So you will ask what’s so unique about this Thia restaurant compare to the others?

Most of Meat & Sea’s dishes come in the pot or pan they were cooked in! It’s not an ordinary pot that was using. If you look more closely, they were using the original Le Creuset pots in each and every dish that they serve. For those who are Le Creuset fans, you would definitely know that it could help to contains the tastiness of the foods that we cook and also retains the dishes heat for quite a long time.

With this pot, all dines could enjoy delicious hot dishes till the last drop even it has been on the table for some time. Besides that, of course, the cook would be one of the important factors to determine the tastiness and quality of the food. Its kitchen is overseen by Thai Chef Chutikan Parnphan – known more colloquially as Chef Amy – who originally hails from Kanchanburi, a town north and west (about 2 hours from Bangkok City Center) of Bangkok. With its many years of cooking homestyle Thai foods, she had created even more unique delicious Thai foods for the restaurant’s diners.

We had a chance to get a taste of her dishes during our visit last weekend such as; Mango Salad, Tom Yum Talay (mixed seafood of Prawns, Squid and Mussels), Pla Kaphng Nung Manaw (steamed seabass with lime, and chilli), Khao Ka Moo (braised pork, salted vegetables, hard-boiled egg), Moo Ping (pork on sticks), Moo Saam Chan (deep-fried crispy pork belly), Pad Pak Boong (stir-fry morning glory with chilli, black bean paste and garlic), Khaeng Phet (red curry beef), Pla Kaphng Tod Yum Takrai (deep fried seabass with ginger, shallots, chilli, lime, slices, lemongrass, mint leaves, cashew nuts and lemon fish sauce) and as for dessert of the day;

What I could say is, we are loving the dining and food experience that we had got from this restaurant. It also had us paying more attention to the utensil that we are using for our foods starting from now. With the right cook and pot, we are now convinced that we could get hearty comfort food even it has been kept for a few hours.

Besides dining in, Meat & Sea also offers TAKEAWAY for its dishes for those who wish to dine at home. For more information and booking, check out their Facebook at

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