Get Tramadol Online Uk During MCO many of us are not allowed to dine in any of the restaurants and now we are in RMCO where we are allowed to enter into restaurants and dine in.

What was the first cuisines that you would be looking for? Do you miss Japanese foods? But in recent news, there were some rumors that raw salmon contains Covid19 (which have not been proven yet) and many of us refrain our self from eating it. With all these issues that has arise, Hagi was very thoughtful by coming out with some Japanese foods that is cooked besides raw sushi and all of it still taste well after it was left for a while due to delivery.

Among the new created MCO dish by by Hagi were; Hagi Garden Salad, Salmon Mentai Maki, Kampio platter (salmon sushi, ikura, suzuki, ama ebi, hotate, salmon, aka fuedai, hirame sushi) for raw sushi lovers, Unagi Maki, Aburi Don and Steak Udon.

What makes the restaurant special was its sushi rice. Sushi rice that we have eaten normally is white but theirs are brown in color. It was because the sushi rice has been made with red vinegar.

We at eRayn3 has had a chance to discover this newly opened restaurant with such unique and delicious dishes. As we had tried out many Japanese restaurant, this would be one of the top restaurant that we would recommend. All guest will be serve with hot tea and ice cream of the day for free regardless of what they have ordered. Our favourite ice cream at this restaurant were Black Sesame and Green Tea ice cream.

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