Lynn’s Cafe Adapting to New Normal

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The MCO has affected most of the business industry especially the travel and food industries. Business will not be the same again after this.

During the MCO and restricted dining, some Malaysian turned into home cooking while juggling with kids and office work. However, when busy families do cook at home, the process of preparation, cooking, and cleanup is stressful. Forgoing home-cooked meals and family dinners eat into the quality of life and leaves individuals and families feeling undernourished and lacking. Eating healthy with a varied meal plan is also difficult for those with strapped time and energy to cook at home.

In line with the business new normal, Lynn’s Cafe a cafe that has been in the market for more then 12 years has decided to venture into Tiffin style meals for families and working adults who are too busy to cook.

All meals are portion-controlled and balanced, with ingredients purchased locally. The menu is diverse and inventive, reflecting a fusion of Malay, Chinese and Western cuisine. Meals are prepared in using strict cooking procedures to ensure safety and consistency. Meals are never frozen, and no preservatives or excess fats and oils are ever used. Basically it resembles home-cooked meals.

Among the most ordered Tiffin Style Meals were; Rendang Chicken, Thai Mango Chicken and Curry Mutton. As for dessert, guest may also try out their signature cakes such as Devil Food Cake and Cheese Cake.

For more information or delivery order, check out their Facebook at or call +6 017 329 9077.

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