The all time favourite SiChuan Hotpot Restaurant; Hotpot Kitchen has recently opens up in Sunway Pyramid. Located in the Green Zone just on top of Clio Hotel, the restaurant has attracted many diners to dine in their restaurant.

Tramadol Order Online If you would like to have some privacy dining at a mala restaurant. This is the one you should be going for. It was placed in a hidden place in Sunway Pyramid where you have to pass by the Padini Outlet store before you could reach to this restaurant.

Tramadol Online Legal As same as the normal Hotpot Kitchen in other malls, Hotpot Kitchen offers; Pick What You Like, Order and Eat. There were a wide varieties of vegetables and meats that are perfect for Mala style foods available for diners to select. Diners could also select the level of spiciness and also whether to goes with rice or noodles, dry or soupy meals. Hotpot Kitchen also has offered a few new hot food dishes to goes with the meals such as Crispy Enoki with Belly Pork, Mala Dumpling, Crispy Sotong & Baby Octopus and many more. If you love to try out this newly opened Hotpot Kitchen, check out their location at Sunway Pyramid’s website

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