Quality and Affordable Japanese Cuisines at Genki Sushi

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When thinks of Japanese foods, which restaurant that you are thinking of? There were many restaurants who offers Japanese cuisines in the market. But mainly will be categorized into 2 category; Quality but Pricy and Cheap but Low Quality.

Recently, eRayn3 has discovered a restaurant who offers authentic quality foods with affordable price in Sunway Pyramid; Genki Sushi. They best thing about this restaurant were their made to order concept. Which definitely helps us in getting our food fresh out of the kitchen.

They serves varieties of Japanese cuisines from Dai Man Zoku, Sashimi, Udon, Ramen, Bento, Sushi Platter, Hot Foods and many more.

Among the highlights that they are serving here are; Salmon Belly, Hamachi, Maguro, Engawa, Aburi Spicy Salmon Belly, Amaebi, Aburi Garlic Butter Akaebi, Ni Hotate Teriyaki, Unagi, Wagyu Ebi Tempura, Jumbo Kanistick and Sujiko on Dai Man Zoku Category.

They do also serves some delicious Premium Collection dishes like Hana Maki and Kaki Fry. Of course for those Sashimi lovers, Trio Sashimi is something that you must try when you are in Genki Sushi. It was fresh and delicious.

Besides that, there were more varieties of sushi that are available are Yaki Saba Sushi, Tako Sushi, Tamago Mentai Sushi, Ebi Garlic Butter Sushi, Ebi Fry Maki, Tabikko Gunkan, Tori Karage Gunkan, Natto Gunkan, Corn Kani Mayo Inari and Soft Shell Crab.

If you like hot food, try not to miss their Salmon Head Miso Soup, Cheezy Mochi and Shishamo Fry. It’s Ebi Tempura Udon, Kamo Ramen, Saba Tatsutage Bento and Genki Kodomo Bento was delicious too.

For takeaways, you may get its Sushi set (for 3-4 person) with 31 pieces of sushi at only RM 62.79 too. For more information on Genki Sushi, check out their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/GenkiSushiMY

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