There were many types of pizzas we have tried before in the market. There are even durian pizzas that has been created for us as the locals. But have you ever tried out any pizzas themed with our local dishes. SPG by Bijan has recently created a few signature pizzas inspired by the local cuisines. SPG by Bijan which is an acronym for Sarong Party Girl s located next door to Bijan will greets you with a beautiful bar accentuated with Nyonya tiles and a colourful patio lounge with retro furniture. As you move indoors, you’ll come across a stunning private dining room and the rest of the cosy dining hall decorated with warm furniture and beautiful nooks to fill your Instagram moments.

Purchase Tramadol No Visa These pizzas could be order individually or mixed 2 into 1 pizza. Among the pizzas that has been created were; Blur Like Sotong (Squid with spicy squid ink sambal tumis, anchovies, petai, mozzarella & coriander), Ayam Yours (Pulled chicken tossed in chili & coriander with crispy chicken crackling & mozzarella), Mak Ducktin (Smoked duck, turmeric coconut base, chili, onion & mozzarella) and Mario & Siti (Pulled beef rendang tok, chili, onion & mozarella).

Besides these pizzas, diners could also enjoy some of their best seller dishes in their restaurant such as; Ah Ran Sini (The iconic Nasi Lemak flavours stuffed into rice balls & deep fried for deliciousness, served with anchovy mayo), Rendang Bao (Pulled beef rendang in toasted mantou bun), Nangka Bao (Pulled young jackfruit rendang style in toasted mantou bun – an essential for the vegans), Lidah Sambal (Tender braised ox tongue, pan-seared & served with sambal hitam), Grilled Sambal Shoulder (Marinated lamb shoulder served with sambal hijau, sambal hitam & sambal merah) and Seafood Platter (Grilled tiger prawns, grilled calamari & mussels cooked in sambal. Served with sambal belacan salsa). For dessert lovers, there were 3 types of signature desserts that you must also try. They were; Bananas Over Bananas (Homemade banana ice cream with smokey caramelized banana & dehydrated banana cone), Pulut Mango Cake (A modern twist on mango sticky rice; chilled mango mousse, fresh mango & coconut glutinous rice on biscuit base) and Milo-va You (Oozy warm milo lava cake with coconut ice cream).

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If you are looking for a beautiful environment with great foods that suits locals, SPG by Bijan would be on of the place that you mustn’t missed. For more information on SPG by Binjai, check out their Facebook at

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