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When talking about a local fishing village, seafood lovers would definitely think of Pulau Ketam. Pulau Ketam or directly translated to English as Crab Island is a quaint fishing village located off the coast of Port Klang, one of the busiest ports found in Malaysia.

This small island was first settled by a group of Chinese fishermen in the late 19th century and up until today, Pulau Ketam only has a population of 8,000 people living in its two villages, Pulau Ketam Village and Sungai Lima Village.

The owner of Nelayanku; Raymond Tea had been in the aquaculture industry since 2001, founding Aqua Ceria Group, a group of companies in the aquaculture industry, and DTS Home Mart, an online seafood market that supplies to 5-star hotels, and restaurants, including Nelayanku now, along the way were also from Pulau Ketam.

With its own home cooking recipe, he has decided to open Nelayanku to offer its home signature seafood to seafood lovers. We visited its second outlet near Pavilion Bukit Jalil to try out its dishes.

Among the dishes that we had tried were Fish Otak Otak, Fisherman Wing, Fish Skewer Set, Fish Prawn Crispy Roll, and My Fisherman Steam Fish Head (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

We had also tried out some of its rice and noodles dishes such as Fisherman Curry, Fisherman SS (Asam Pedas), and also MyFisherman Nasi Lemak.

It was so satisfying trying out their dishes. It was indeed a unique taste by itself. We had cleared up almost all of its dishes, especially My Fisherman Steam Fish Head.

While talking about its foods let’s not forget about its beverages. Nelayanku offers varieties of beverages on their menu. We had ordered its Manggo Shake, Coconut Shake, and also Passion Fruit Soda. We loved its Manggo and Coconut Shake as it was very pure. The Coconut Shake is even purer than the Coconut Shake that Melaka offers.

Pst; now we do not need to go back to Melaka for Coconut Shake anymore 😉

Before we end our meal, we had tried out its special dessert recommended by its staff; My Fisherman Collaged. My Fisherman Collagen looks like a normal jelly but it’s actually being made by a 100% sea fish scale which could help to improve hair, skin & nails, strengthen joints & bones, improves gut health, and anti-aging. They offer 5 types of different My Fisherman Collagen; Red Dates, Soursop, Passion Fruit, Steamed Egg Collagen, and Chrysanthemum. Each of them has a unique taste itself, catering to different taste buds.

If you would like to know more about Nelayanku, check out their Website at

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