Enjoy Amazing Flavors and Fun at the Guinness Flavour By Fire Festival!

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Visit Sentul Depot This Weekend: If you’re looking for a special food experience, you should check out the Guinness Flavour By Fire Festival at Sentul Depot this weekend! It’s not like your regular festival. This one is all about delicious food cooked with fire and the unique taste of Guinness beer. You’ll smell great aromas, see colorful sights, and hear lively sounds that will make your senses come alive.

Delicious Food and Great Times

The festival has started today and will continue until Sunday, August 20th. There are 11 different chefs cooking up tasty dishes, more than 20 grills cooking over open flames, and 27 taps pouring smooth Guinness beer. The air is filled with the smoky smell of grilled meats and flavorful spices that will make you excited to taste them.

A Memorable Experience:

This festival is a place for people who love food and want to try something new. You’ll enjoy the taste of Guinness-infused dishes like lamb ribs, grilled salmon, burgers, and desserts. Even if you’re a vegetarian or love desserts, there’s something special for you too. Plus, there will be music from local artists to keep you entertained.

Fun Activities:

You can also take selfies using the Guinness STOUTie machine, where your picture will appear on the creamy foam of your Guinness beer. There’s also a challenge where you can slide a Guinness bottle down a bar and win cool prizes. The festival will be in Penang on September 2nd and 3rd.

How to Learn More:

If you want to know more about the festival and the delicious food, you can visit the website https://www.guinnessflavourbyfire.my/. You can also follow Guinness Malaysia on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated. Remember, it’s important to enjoy your drinks responsibly and not to drink and drive. This festival is only for people aged 21 and above who are not Muslims.

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