Top 3 Apps for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9

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If you’ve eagerly pre-ordered one of the thrilling new Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 models, you’ll want to maximize its potential. This latest Android tablet boasts an array of top-tier features, including a 120Hz Dynamic AMOLED display, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy chipset, 20% larger speakers compared to the Tab S8 line, and the S Pen. It’s a splendid hardware package, but what are the optimal apps for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 to ensure you harness its full capabilities?

While there are undoubtedly numerous exceptional apps perfectly suited for the new Samsung tablet range, the focus here will be on alternatives that you might not have immediately considered, beyond streaming and gaming options. Feel free to dive into Netflix and YouTube as you continue reading, and for gaming suggestions, our list of best Android tablet games can guide you. Now, let’s delve into some less conventional options.

GoodNotes, a fan-favorite, introduces a fresh note-taking and journaling experience to Android for the first time, exclusively available to Galaxy tablet users. Furthermore, notes created in GoodNotes across all platforms can be easily shared and collaboratively edited.

LumaFusion, a pro-level video editing app, simplifies the creation of shareable content. Sharing images and videos, even sizable files, from your Galaxy smartphone camera to the Galaxy Tab S9 series is effortless through Quick Share. LumaFusion optimizes the expansive screen of the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, ensuring precise video editing.

Clip Studio Paint has been revamped with a streamlined tablet interface for drawing, painting, and more. Meanwhile, ArcSite empowers designers and professionals by translating their creative visions into meticulously detailed 2D CAD blueprints, comprehensive site plans, and precise estimates. Close collaboration with Google has facilitated the optimization of large-screen experiences in partner apps, enabling users to effortlessly execute tasks and transform concepts into reality on the Galaxy Tab S9 series.

These are just a few of the standout apps to kickstart your journey with your new device. Additionally, the Galaxy Tab S9 comes pre-installed with excellent S Pen-oriented apps like the popular Samsung Notes app. As more apps emerge that maximize the Tab S9’s feature set, we’ll ensure this list remains updated.

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