What You Have To Know When Choosing An e-Bikes


This pandemic has closed down many business but it also helps many business to rise from it. Besides digital and medical supplies businesses, there is also an increasing trend of people using bikes and e-bikes on the road.

Would bikes and e-Bikes be able to replacement cars on the road as what we can see in Netherlands and many other countries? Even USA and UK are seeing an increasing demands to bikes and e-bikes in their market. We have yet to see any indication of this happening even though it would be a better transportation option that could helps to reduce pollution to our environment, more cost effective and it could also reduce fatal death due to car accident if all of us are using it.

We have no answer for this yet but as what we can see it would be one of the best transportation mode for us to move around nearby to our neighborhood. Before we get into it, lets differentiate e-Scooters and e-Bikes.

According to Wikipedia, e-Scooters are a motorized scooter is a powered stand-up scooter using a small utility internal combustion engine or, more commonly, an electric motor. Classified as a form of micro-mobility, these scooters are generally designed with a large deck in the center on which the rider stands. But there were some e-Scooters that allows rider to sit including an e-Scooter that looks like a bike but without a pedal.

e-Bikes on the other hand is an electric bicycle or it is also known as an e-bike or ebike is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which can be used to assist propulsion. Many kinds of e-bikes are available worldwide, but generally fall into two broad categories. Bikes that assist the rider’s pedal-power (i.e. pedelecs) and bikes that add a throttle, integrating moped-style functionality. Both retain the ability to be pedaled by the rider and are therefore not electric motorcycles.

In this article we are going to discuss about e-Bikes which has a pedal on it. In this category, there are many different design that is available in the market such as folding e-bikes, road e-bikes and many more.

What Specification in e-Bikes We Should Be Looking At?

As same as cars and motorbikes, there were a few important specification that we should be looking at when selecting the best e-Bikes for your needs. We have selected 3 main specification that you should be looking at when selecting an e-Bikes:

1) Type of e-Bikes

There were 3 main types of e-Bikes in the market; e-Mountain Bikes, e-Hybrid Bikes and e-Bikes. e-Mountain Bikes are available as hardtails (with front suspension) or full suspension (front and rear). Hardtails are better suited to lighter trails and are more affordable; full suspension models offer more versatility and allow you to tackle even very rough ground with ease. Just as with regular mountain bikes, different frame geometries, fork travel and wheel sizes are available (including plus-size and fat wheels), to suit every kind of off-road riding.

For e-Hybrid Bikes, sometimes called ‘town and trekking e-bikes,’ are just like standard hybrid bikes. They’re suitable for riding on the roads, and can also cope with light off-road use, such as canal paths and bridleways. Some have a front fork with a little suspension to absorb the bump when riding over rough ground, and others have a rigid fork. Some models come fully equipped with mudguards, pannier racks and even in-built lights and a lock. Your position on the bike can range from very upright, to a sportier position, depending on your comfort and preference.

As for e-Bikes, it was made for commuting purposes. Depending on the terrain of your ride into work, you’ll likely need either a hybrid e-bike, or an e-mountain bike. If you’re riding mainly on the roads, then a lightweight hybrid e-bike with slick tyres and rigid forks will see you rolling nice and fast along tarmac; if your route takes in bridleways or unpaved roads, you may prefer a hybrid with a suspension fork, or even a hardtail e-mountain bike, with wider tyres and more suspension than a hybrid bike. For added convenience, you could choose a model equipped with mudguards, pannier racks and even in-built lights and a lock, so you’re all set!

So which one are you into?

2) Battery Capacity

e-Bikes comes with different types of battery but the best battery that was highly recommended by bikes specialist were lithium battery due to its durability and stability in its performance.

An e-bikes would normally have either 37V, 48V or 56V power with 350wh battery. Depending on your usage needs (how far you would like it to go), you could choose between 8ah (published distance of 28-50km), 12.5ah (published distance of 48-90km), 15ah (published distance of 60-100km), 20ah (published distance of 80-120km) or 25ah (published distance of 100-150km). Any higher capacity could be customized too but that battery alone could cost more than the standard battery offered.

3) e-Bike Speed

Depending of countries regulation, an allowable e-bikes speed would be between 25km/h to a maximum of not more than 50km/h. Hence when choosing an e-Bikes, one should take that country regulations and personal preference into consideration. By end of the day we do not want to break any rules of any countries and at the same time considering the safety of our self and others as well.

Many e-Bikes in the market now offer different battery specification and speed with the same model of e-Bikes. Hence now you could customized your e-bikes based on your needs. Besides that, there were also many accessories add-ons that the seller would throw in such as alarm, signal lamp, phone holder with or without charging USB, meter screen and many more.

After studying many types of e-Bikes, we at eRayn3 has shortlisted this FengWu Folding e-Bikes as one of the best e-Bikes in town. The FengWu Folding e-Bikes enables us to transport the e-Bikes from one place to the other easily. The best thing was, it would be able to be brought into our MRTs by folding it!

The basic batter capacity of this e-Bike were 8ah which could goes between 25-30km in a single charge depending on the road conditions, speed, rider weight and many more. You may choose to upgrade its battery to 12.5ah, 15ah, 20ah or 25ah.

After calculating the cost for a single full charge, we was really delighted to found that this e-Bikes only cost 8 cents (RM 0.08) for a 25-30km distance run. This bikes declares it could goes up to 25km/h speed but after we have tested it, we had manage to go up to 49km/h. That was really impressive.

This e-Bike also comes with front and back lamp, back light reflector, signal lamp, electric bell, pedal or fully electric assisted mode button, handphone holder with USB charging, meter (with battery, speed and distance indicator), bike alarm and passenger back seat.

If you are keen to find out more about FengWu e-Bikes, email to us at eRayn3Channel @gmail.com.

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