Health Starts with Purple Cane This Chinese New Year

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Tramadol 100Mg Online Overnight With the experience that we had gone through in 2020, many of us realized that the most important in out life at this moment is health. Without health, no matter how much monies that you have, it would not be matter anymore. As you will not be able to enjoy it. With this in mind, the best thing that you could give to your family, friends and loved ones would be at least a hearty meals during this Chinese New Year. Purple Cane Tea Cuisine together with their experienced chefs, has created a series of tea infused menus for this coming Ox Year’s Chinese New Year. The must have dishes in every Chinese New Year Meals were Yee Sang! Purple Cane’s Health-Tealicious Abalone Yee Sang which will keeps you coming back for more. Any purchase of Health-Tealicious Abalone Yee Sang for 10 pax would also be receiving a FREE Clear Soup Abalone (worth RM 48) for purchase before 24th January 2021. Among some of the signature dishes in Purple Cane’s kitchen were; Steamed Kampung Chicken wit Drief Oysters and Fatt Choy (infused with Oolong Tea), Mongolian Style Sauteed Prawn with Butter and Black Pepper (infused with Lychee Black Tea), Steamed Sliced Grouper with Minced Pickle and Tea (infused with Jasmine Tea), Sauteed Celery with Beech Mushroom, White Mushroom and Walnut (Tie Guan Yin Tea), Long Jing Green Tea Rice (infused with Long Jing Tea), Sweetened Peach Resin with Longan (lychee Black Tea), Deep Fried Golden Rice Cake (infused with Green Tea) and Purple Cane Year 2020 Yunnan Zheng He San Hao Ripe Puer Tea). All these dishes are available in their 3-4pax Joyful Happiness Set menu which is current running on a promotion price of RM 368 instead of RM 433.70. Besides the set menu above, Purple Cane also offers Harmonious Celebration Set (for 6-7 pax) at promotion price of RM 488 (instead of RM 559.70), Bountiful Harvest Set (for 6-7pax) at promotion price of RM 588 (instead of RM 727.70) and Auspicious Fortune Set (for 10 pax) at promotion price of RM 988 (instead of RM 1307). Which will highlights also some other tea infused dishes were; Assorted Signature Tea-Combination Hot Platter (4-in-1) (infused with Oolong Tea), Prosperity Vegetable Treasure Pot (infused with Oolong Tea), Deep Fried Vegetarian Prawn with Meesua and Cereal (infused with Oolong Tea), Braised Assorted Mushroom with Beancurd (infused with Shui Xian Tea), Steamed Patin Fish in Soy Sauce (infused with Jasmine Tea), Sauteed Celery with Scallop and Walnut (infused with Tie Guan Yin Tea), Double-Boiled Silky Tender Chicken with Dried Scallop and Cordyceps Flower (infused with Oolong Tea), Stewed Abalone and Shiitake Mushroom with Broccoli (infused with Shui Xian Tea), Sauteed Prawn with Orange Cheese Dressing (infused with Long Jing Tea), Signature Seafood Long Jing Fried Rice with Fish Roe and Prawn and Sweetened Peach Resin with Longan (infused with Lychee Black Tea). Set menus catering to 6 pax and above comes with a FREE Health-Tealicious Abalone Yee Sang. Ala-carte order are also available too if you do not wish to order its set menus. All promotions price are valid starting from now until 24th January 2021 or bookings before 24th January 2021. If you are not looking into dine-in, Purple Cane also offers FREE DELIVERY to Klang Valley location (excludes Kajang, Shah Alam, Sg. Buloh and Klang) or for self pick up, you may be able to receive a FREE RM50 Cash Vouchers too!

For more information on Purple Cane’s Chinese New Year Set Menus, WhatsApp +6 012 719 3090.

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