Unlimited Live Oyster and Jumping Prawn, Fresh Lobster, BBQ & Roasted Whole Lamb at Pullman KLCCC

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Getting fresh seafood in town was not easy, especially when we were in the urban areas which are far away from the sea. Rarely we could get a good place that could offer fresh seafood in these areas, especially in hotels.

But now we could get it in the famous restaurant in Pullman KLCC’s Sedap Restaurant. Available every Saturday, Sedap Restaurant has launched an extensive spread of popular and favourite shellfish from other countries. On top of that, a variety choice of the grill and deliciously marinated meats are definitely the main attraction for BBQ lovers.

In addition to that, Sedap Restaurant also serves cold seafood sections, such as slipper lobsters, scallops, clams, yabbies, mussels, snow crabs, and fresh tiger prawns. The highlight of the dinner buffet is the Boston lobster! All guests are served with half fresh Boston lobster that is oven-baked, topped off with chef’s creation recipes with a fusion twist, percik sauce.

Sedap Restaurant is the first buffet that offers an experience to see chefs catching live tiger prawns from the aquarium and the prawns jumping while you choose on cooking method whether to grill, poach or let it simmer in a superior stock soup base. Of course, the most favorite seafood item will always be live oyster origin from Ireland. Our oysters are premium, live, and freshly shucked upon order. You will get to taste the sweet brininess as well as freshness in each and every bite.

The love of grilling food is universal, let the chefs grill to perfection! Indulge in the selection of beef and lamb steak, marinated stingray, grilled clams with Portuguese sauce, sausages, fish otak-otak and chicken wings. Skewers could be an enjoyable treat too. Food on stick will add more flavours to your plate with juicy chicken and beef satay, fish tikka, chicken and beef meatball, chicken liver and an assortment of veggies.

Besides the local grill, guests will get to taste Japanese chicken yakitori skewers and deep-fried golden tempura where chefs do the live cooking to serve it hot and crispy for every piece. Competing for attention alongside is a whole Norwegian salmon served in big, juicy slabs of fillet and roasted whole lamb with nasi briyani. Be ready to be served with an array of sashimi and sushi, as well as a diverse menu of Malaysian and Western too.

Finish the meal with yoghurt ice cream straight from the machine; choose just plain or flavoured rotating from passionfruit, green apple and berries. Also available on the counter is honey bee baked cheesecake, red velvet cheese mousse, chocolate brownies rocher, strawberry panna cotta and lemon choux puff.

The Seafood, BBQ & Roasted Whole Lamb Dinner Buffet is available every Saturday from 6:30pm to 10pm. Priced at RM198 nett per adult and RM99 nett per child. All prices quoted are inclusive of 6% service tax.

For enquiries and reservations, WhatsApp +6016 290 3864 / +6012 303 5958 or email to [email protected] For further details, visit the Hotel’s microsite https://www.pullman- kualalumpur-citycentre.com or follow our Facebook @PullmanKualaLumpurCityCentre

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