The Art of Tea Brewing at Tea+ The Gardens Mall

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Tea had been a normal beverage for us as Malaysians. There were varieties of teas ranging from Chinese Teas, British Teas, Vietnamese Teas, and many more. But not all teas brew the same way.

Green and white teas, for example, have more delicate leaves and you’ll get more flavor if you brew in slightly cooler water. Delicate leaves steeped at too high of a temperature will burn and leave a bitter flavor in the cup.

There were many skills hidden to brew a perfect cup of tea. But how to brew to get it right? Tea+ the first evet artisan tea bar established in Malaysia which offers a great selection of premium Chinese tea, also offers tea brewing lessons to its customers to enable them to bring out the best taste of each tea.

The tea lessons were specially designed around the enjoyment and appreciation of fine tea, complemented by light snacks (such as Purple Cane’s seasonal tea-infused mooncakes) and tea-inspired drinks too.

To know more about Tea+’s tea lessons, check out their Facebook at

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