The Chicken Rice Shop is Back with The Lagendary Grilled Butter Chicken

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Japan is well known for its Anime (or what the USA called cartoons). But anime’s fans are not only limited to kids but also teenagers and adults. Many Malaysians were also fans of Anime and this can be seen through the increase in Cosplay events around higher education institutions and also the public.

Driving on the Henshin (transformation) trend, The Chicken Rice Shop (TCRS) is eager to spice up Malaysians’ favorite meal by bringing a popular favorite back to the menu, the Grilled Butter Chicken with a new and improved katsu breading. Introduced for more than 15 years to Malaysians all over, the latest bold flavors of Grilled Butter Chicken will return to stores nationwide from 7 November 2022 until 8 January 2023.

The Chicken Rice Shop offers 3 different sets of meals; the personal set, the set for 2, and the set for 4. The chicken portion was generously huge and packed with rich and savory flavor in every layer and the all-new Grilled Butter Chicken Katsu Henshin also features juicy chicken coated with katsu breading while incorporating its signature golden buttery sauce, garnished with curry leaves and red chilies to add a hint of spice that will leave customers longing for more. Customers could also top up RM 3.90 to get a cup of Passion Henshin to goes with the meal too!

Joining in the excitement of this new menu, TCRS was also greeted by local cosplayers at their IOI City Mall outlet, where these passionate cosplayers also surprised customers who were dining by serving Grilled Butter Chicken Katsu Henshin to celebrating the launch together and sharing their love for one of Malaysia’s comfort foods.

Apart from treating its customers to a fulfilling meal with their family and friends, TCRS will also be running an exciting #GBCKatsuHenshin Challenge on its social media platforms where fans can stand a chance to win TCRS vouchers for you to dine in at the nearest outlet and savor their Grilled Butter Chicken Katsu Henshin!

For more information on the latest Grilled Butter Chicken Katsu Henshin and the #GBCKatsuHenshin Challenge, visit or its Facebook page

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