Modern Fine Chinese Cusines at Ming Ren Xuan

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Guys, recently we saw some postings on social media about a fine-dining Chinese restaurant located on Avenue K named Ming Ren Xuan.

Since we were going food hunting, we decided to pay a visit to the restaurant and try out its dishes. When we were there we saw there were some special promotions for Oct-Dec which looks delicious :p

– Australian Lobster
– Braised A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Brisket with Fresh Bean Curd Stick in Claypot
– Baked Iberico French Rack in Cantonese BBQ Sauce
– Braised Australian 2 Heads Abalone with New Zealand Superior Fish Maw

We have tried out one of its Promo Dish; the Baked Iberico French Rack in Cantonese BBQ Sauce and it tastes sooooo gooood!

It was definitely something that is different from the normal pork ribs that we had anywhere else.

Besides their Promo dish, we also tried a few more of its dishes and they all taste good. Below are the items that we ordered:

– Deep-fried Squid Leg with Sze Chuan Sauce
– Bean Curd Cubes with Truffle Salad
– Braised Noodles in Hokkien Style with Pork Meat
– Deep Fried Crystal Prawn with Mustard Seeds
– Double Boiled Sweetened Snow Bird’s Nest with Osmanthus
– Chilled Sweet Potato Cakes coated with Shredded Coconut

The one that makes us unforgettable was its Bean Curd Cubes with Truffle Salad which is a must-try dish here too! This is a perfect place to get your family together to enjoy a delicious meal with a great dining environment.

They may not be the cheapest foods in town but it is definitely a worthwhile meal to have. We really enjoyed it so much!

Try it to believe it! For more information, check out their website at

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