The Best British Style Fish and Chips In Town at CorBlimey

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As a Malaysians, we love to eat and travel. As we are currently still stuck in this pandemic, are there anyway that we could satisfy our crave?

If you are a fish and chips lover, this cafe that we will be introducing to you might be one of the place that you would like to consider.

CorBlimey a cafe nestled in the busy Sri Hartamas area offers good British Style Fish and Chips dishes. CorBlimey has opened up it’s first outlet in SS15 Subang Jaya in 2016. Due to the overwhelming respond from the locals, he has opened out its second outlet in Damasara Uptown on 2017 and Sri Hartamas on 2018.

What makes them being so lovable by the locals? CorBlimey offers fish fillets lightly fried in your choice of five unique batter flavors, until crispy golden brown on the outside, yet moist and succulent inside. Its fresh fillets are best enjoyed when drizzled with lemon juice and dipped in tangy, tartar sauce. They also offers Homemade, Triple-Cooked Chunky Chips, made from freshly hand-cut potatoes and cooked to order. One of the must try side is the Mushy-peas where it was being served as one of their side options.

We had tried quite a lot of their dishes in their menu and we would recommend; Sharing Board (2 person) which is perfect for couples & friend to share as a starter. It comes with Dory Fish Fillets, Calamari Rings, Curry Perch Popcorn, Fish Fingers, Fish Cakes, Mussels in Batter, “Firecracker” Prawn Scampi, Triple-cooked Chunky Chips, Tartar Sauce, Pickled Egg & Gherkin.

If you are a pie lovers, you could also try out their pie which stuffed with different fillings; Steak & Kidney with Mash Potatoes & Green Peas & Onion Gravy (Shortcrust pastry packed with slow-cooked beef chunks and tasty morsels of kidney, smothered in a rich meat gravy), Beef Rendang with Garlic Butter Rice & Sambal (Rich aromatic rendang beef inside a buttery shortcrust pastry case), Fishermans Pie with onion gravy sauce (Delightful medley of mixed white fish, tiger prawns and mussels baked in a creamy herb sauce, encased in shortcrust pastry and topped with fluffy mash potato) or Chicken, Leek & Mushroom with parsley sauce (Chunky chicken, leeks, mushrooms and vegetables slowly simmered in a creamy white sauce, surrounded by buttery shortcrust pastry).

As your mains, you could consider their Family Feast if you go with families and a friend of 4-5 person; it equips with traditional fish & chips (4 types of fish; Atlantic Cod, Pacific Halibut, Ocean Perch & Dory) deep fried in different batter flavours paired with Chunky Chips, Creamy Mash, Garlic Butter Rice, Mushy Peas, Garden Peas, Coleslaw, Baked Beans, Pickled Egg, Gherkin, Tartar Sauce & Vinegar.

Do not like fried fish fillets? They also offers Pan-Seared Fish; a lighter alternative for their Fish & Chips series with a choice of Atlantic Cod, Pacific Halibut, Alaskan Pollock, Cherry Snapper, Ocean Perch or Dory. All pan-seared fish will comes with Creamy Mash / Garlic Butter Rice and Sauteed Mixed Veg. / Sauteed Mushrooms / Garden Peas and Creamy Herb Sauce / Parsley Sauce.

For Sausage lovers, check out their British “Chip-Shop” Bangers & Mash (either Chicken or Beef). The dish comes with Mash Pototoes and Green Peas as the sides.

As for their highlight desserts, two of their best sellers were; Deep Fried “Mars” and Bar Chocolate with Ice Cream (Decadent pieces of “Mars” chocolate bar deep-fried in batter and served with Vanilla Ice Cream) and its homemade fruit crumble; Apple & Berry Crumble.

CorBlimey serves authentic British Style Fish and Chips freshly made with love which is suitable for all kinds of locals including Muslims. For more information on CorBlimey, visit or for Food Delivery or Take Away, visit

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