Tea Infused Mooncakes A Perfect Gift For Eldery

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Mid Autumn is here and mooncakes were one of thing gift that we would normally give to our friends and families. Many elderly loves mooncakes too but most of the mooncakes in town were either too sweet or oily.

Understanding on this concern, Purple Cane has came out with its very own tea infused mooncakes which are neither too sweet or too savory, are low in fat content and contain no preservatives. These mooncakes were made perfect for those who are health conscious and were perfect for elderly to consume.

Purple Cane introduced its first tea mooncake in 1998. For tea to be a part of the festival delight, tea leaves have got to be grinded. In fine powder form, the tea leaves are mixed with other ingredients to form the pastry crust. It is a perfect complement to delicious fillings wuch as red bean paste, lotus paste and assorted nuts. The mooncakes win the hearts of even the most health-conscious, given that the mooncakes are neither too sweet or too savory, are low in fat content and contain no preservatives. It is a refreshing treat for a festival widely celebrated.

It’s Tea mooncakes with cantonese style pastry crust and filling in addition to the refined and elegant green tea mooncake, the new variants are made with black tea, oolong tea, green tea and puer tea. Mooncakes with added tea leaves is a real pleasure-full of flavour and delicate taste, they are rich in plant fibre, hence, promoting health and beauty.

Purple Cane offers 13 types of healthy mooncakes ranging from Green Tea Red Bean Paste Mooncake, Teh Kurang Manis Mooncake, Green Tea Assorted Nuts Mooncake, Green Tea White Lotus Paste Mooncake, Goldfish Tea Biscuit, Green Tea Dates Paste Mooncake, Green Tea Black Sesame Lotus Paste Mooncake, Puer Tea, Chinese Wolfberry, Angelica, Assorted Nuts Paste Tea Mooncake, Rose Tea Bamboo Charcoal Lotus Paste Mooncake, White Tea Purple Potato Lotus Paste Mooncake, Black Tea Red Bean Paste Mooncake, Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Pandan and Golden Yolk Custard Lotus Paste Mooncake (NON VEGETARIAN) and Jasmine Tea Lotus Paste Mooncake.

Available in 8 types of packaging from hampers up to gift box, Purple Cane mooncakes would definitely suitable for any gift occasions.

Among the best seller gift box were its Halal Moonlight Treasure Box Tea Mooncake Gift Set which includes 1 pc Green Tea Red Bean Paste Mooncake (100g), 1 pc Teh Kurang Manis Mooncake (100g), 1 pc Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Pandan, Golden Yolk, Custard Lotus Paste Mooncake (NON VEGETARIAN)(100g) and 1 box of 2006 Year Limited Reserved Aged Puer (60g); which Hailed from the Yunnan Province, China. It is made with tea leaves harvested from the large-leaf tea trees. The processing of freshly-picked tea leaves involves fixing, rolling and sun-drying to yield maocha (green raw tea), known as Dian Qing, literally Yunnan Green. Sun-dried maocha is then moistened, piled and covered for “pile fermentation”, after which the leaves are air-dried, screened and sorted. The brownish-red leaves have a uniquely mellow aroma. The bright reddish tea infusion is well rounded on the palate with a smooth, long finish. Mild in nature, Puer tea is a great daily beverage with health benefits.

In check out more information on Purple Cane’s mooncakes and offering, visit their website at https://www.purplecane.my/collections/tea-mooncake

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