Eat Like a Taiwanese at ToastLab

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Taiwan has been well known with its varieties of healthy toast breads. It has been a normal food that Taiwanese would eat during their breakfast or lunch.

When watching the TV program, all of it looks cute and delicious. Now, we have chance to try out such interesting dish in town as we found out there were a newly opened cafe in town serves all these Taiwanese foods!

Nestled in Jalan Manis Cheras, there were a cafe named ToastLab has opened it’s door to the public offering unique Taiwanese toast breads to toast bread lovers. In ToastLab, each toast is freshly cooked and freshly made, equip with thick fillings, less oil and less sweet or greasy. With all these combinations, the toast taste are beyond imagination, especially their signature Taro Fresh Milk Chicken Floss Toast simply made for yam mashed lovers!

If you like Low Calorie’s foods, they also offers Cherry Tomato Boiled Egg Toast which is a much more healthier choice for healthy foods lovers. Besides that it’s freshly toast were Peanut Butter Bacon Egg Toast, Salted Pork Egg Toast and Stewed Chicken Egg Toast.

Also try out some of their unique snacks such as Sweet Potato Ball, Popcorn Chicken, Sesame Sauce Cold Noodle and Tofu Pudding. As for beverages, there were some equally good drinks available at ToastLab such as Fresh Soya, Taro Milk, Mix Fruits Tea and Earl Grey Milk Tea.

ToastLab was one of the great hangout place for friends and families. Enjoy your precious time with you loved one together with great drinks and foods freshly available at ToastLab.

For more information on ToastLab, check out their Facebook at

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