Samsung Galaxy S21+ First Impression: Why We Love IT!

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As many were aware, Samsung has launched another flagship phone series in 14th January 2020. The series comprises of the; Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. We have manage to get the first batch of the Samsung Galaxy S21+ and here are our first impression on the phone.

The Exterior. The Galaxy S21+ is a little wider and heavier, but you don’t really feel that in your hand; it’s well balanced, and as we’d expect, the S21 Plus feels every inch like a premium phone. Externally, it resembles glass, but the polycarbonate background is lighter and more resistant to drops. This cover has become the flagship of Samsung Galaxy S21

The volume keys and the power/Bixby buttons are both located on the right side, with the bottom of the phone housing the SIM tray, the USB Type-C port and a speaker. There’s an additional speaker on the top of the unit, while the glass back enables wireless charging and reverse wireless charging.

Fingerprint Proof. As it has a Matt finishing, it actually prevents fingerprints and also less scratches on its surfaces. The Matt finishing looks more beautiful to us as well.

Great Contrast Screen. It has excellent contrast, a large margin of brightness, the image does not fade when viewed from the side. A picture is clear and colorful.

Great Camera. While all the three devices have the same shell design, with the what Samsung is calling the “contour cut camera” on the back panel. The camera was placed into a small steel module that now looks like it’s a part of the side frame itself. It was equip with 10MB Selfie Camera at the front. As for the back, it is equip with 3 camera lens; 12MP Ultra Wide Camera, 12MP Wide-Angle Camera and 64MP Telephoto Camera which allows us to take different angles of photos and videos.

Better Performance. While working around the phone we can feel an obvious difference on it. We feel it was much faster and swifter when working around it.

Wireless Power Share. Besides having a Super Fast Charging (25w) that gives hours of power in just a few minutes of charge and Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 that helps you to quickly charge and power up without the cable, the Samsung S21+ also has our favourite feature of all time! Wireless PowerShare! It allows us to use the phone to charge other wireless charging devices with it too!

Keeps Us Ready for 5G. The Galaxy S21+ is 5G ready, but of course, the compatibility will dependent upon the 5G network availability in Malaysia.

What’s In The Box?

The Galaxy S21+ are equip with a Quick Start Guide, an Ejection Pin and a Data Cable but here were no Charging Adapter attached to it.

Who needs another Charging Adapter anyway?

How many of us have lots of charging adapter from our phone and devices lying around?

It was a great move to remove the charging adapter from the phone to reduce some of the cost that could in return transfer back to us as the consumer right? For us, it is not an issue without the charging adapter since the Galaxy S21+ are also equip with a Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 too.

Generally, we could describe Samsung Galaxy S21+ in 3 word; “Less Is More”

The Samsung Galaxy S21+ were priced at RM4,299 with 3 colors for selection; Phantom Violet, Phantom Black and Phantom Silver. Currently Samsung are running a pre-order promotion for all buyers who ordered by 28th January 2021 on Samsung’s official website at, will also be getting a free Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Smart Tag worth a total of RM 918.

Interested to know more about our in depth review on the Samsung S21+? Stay tuned to our website. The review will be published on our website very soon.

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