RM 1 Burger From Marrybrown Apps

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Recently, there was news going viral talking about the RM 1 burger deals on Marrybrown apps online. Out of curiosity, we downloaded the Marrybrown apps on our phone and started our search for the RM 1 deals.

After browsing and learning about the apps, we have discovered that the RM 1 deals happening on a daily basis and it was gone just seconds after they release at 12 am daily.

So what deals that Marrybrown offer besides the RM 1 burger? We had discovered that besides the RM 1 deals, they also had many other individuals or sets of deals with the price starting from RM 2. Among the deals that we spotted were; RM 2.90 Potato Wedges, RM 3 6-pc Onion Rings, RM 5.90 6-pc Chicken Nuggets, RM 10 Hot Touch Burger Combo set, RM 10.99 Cheesy Burger _ Cheese Wedges, RM 13.99 Tower Burger Combo set, and many more.

Besides that, you will also be receiving a FREE Fried Chicken upon signing up too. We were really happy that we had discovered another great app that could save our meals by just downloading the coupons and redeeming them at the counter.

If you would like to download the Marrybrown Apps (pst: It’s FREE!), you could visit https://mbapp.marrybrown.com.

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