The New Dual-Taste Paddle Pop Milkie Injects #Milkielicious Fun into a Calcium-Rich, Permissible Treat for Kids

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Wall’s Malaysia recently had introduce Paddle Pop Milkie, the brand new nutritious and #Milkielicious ice cream, for the kids who love to play. The new dual-flavoured ice cream gives parents the opportunity to provide their kids with a fun and delicious treat with a high calcium boost, key to children’s development of strong bones and teeth.

Paddle Pop Milkie is a unique and chocolatey drip shaped treat that is made up of a yummy combination of creamy vanilla milk and rich chocolate ice cream that contains more than 150mg of calcium per serving – the same as half a glass of milk! To add on to the #Milkielicious experience, each stick of Paddle Pop Milkie is fortified with 100% natural calcium carbonate and consists of only nine grams of sugar and less than 110 calories per stick for a truly guilt-free indulgence while ensuring kids get the right amount of nutrients needed to grow strong and healthy.

Wall’s Malaysia is excited to bring joy to Malaysian children once again with the launch of the Paddle Pop Milkie ice cream. Faced with the reality of having to be couped up at home during the pandemic, so many kids today have missed out on fully experiencing the wonders of carefree, fun childhood play. By introducing Milkie, we hope to further motivate parents to unlock the magic of play with their children, while introducing a positive nutritional treat to aid their child’s growth and development!” shared Stephanie Ng, Marketing Manager of Wall’s Ice Cream from Unilever Malaysia.

Paddle Pop Milkie
Paddle Pop Milkie

The Wall’s Paddle Pop Milkie ice cream is now available at retail outlets nationwide at the suggested retail price of RM1.50 each*. The ice cream is also available online for purchase on e-commerce sites such as Lazada and Shopee.

For more information on the new Paddle Pop Milkie Ice Cream, check out Paddle Pop Malaysia’s official Facebook page at

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