Reinvent Nanyang Old Coffee at One Utama

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A more than 60 years old Nanyang Coffee Shop based in Taiping; Old Master has recently opened up its first outlet in Kuala Lumpur. Old Master represents not only the integration of traditional and contemporary coffee concepts but also on retaining the coffee originality and quality.

The owner of Old Master was used to be the coffee bean maker in Taiping. Based on his years of making coffee beans, he has then invented his own favourite coffee bean recipes for its friends and families which was then being brought into their very first coffee shop in Taiping which has been opened by his son Steve Ng. Steve then expanded the business in other states and recently has rebranded its name to OLDMASTER New-Nanyang Coffee.

Many of their coffee drinks were unique in taste and caters not only to coffee drinker but also the non coffee drinkers who cant get hold of the coffee smell and taste.

Among the well received coffee from Old Master coffee shop were; Nanyang Coffee’O, Premium Gold Latte, Cheese HORKASAI, Cheese Coffee O, Cheese MilkTea, Grape Sparkling Juice, Nutmeg Sparkling Juice, Nanyang 1+1 and many more. Most of these coffees are specially created by the Ng family and is not available in other coffee shop.

For those who are not coffee lovers or do not like the coffee taste or smell but would like to try one, you definitely must try out HORKASAI. Its a combination of coffee and milo which makes the coffee unique.

Of course it was the best for coffee to goes with some their homemade Pandan Kaya with Butter Toasted Bread and the half boiled egg that will definitely satisfy your fussy tummy.

You may choose your favourite drinks and toasts bread as your own customized set and opt of 2 half boiled eggs for your breakfast.

This is what locals eat for their breakfast and sometimes anytime of the year now.

For more information on Old Master One Utama, check out their Facebook at

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