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News Slider Coffee has been an international drinks in most of the parts of the world. Last Friday, a Malaysian homegrown bumiputra company has recently launched its brand Qulu Qulu; a kopi-based lifestyle beverage brand which is going to put up an exciting new swirl on the increasingly popular beverage market with their transformative twist on Malaysian kopi!

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Qulu Qulu blends traditionally dripped Kopi from the finest halal Nusantara Kopi beans with the most interesting local ingredients to deliver an affordable yet luxurious beverage drinking experience. “We pride ourselves on being a strong Malaysian-brewed brand. We infuse the most unique local ingredient into our beverages giving it a truly unmatched flavour that will instantly win over your taste-buds,” shared Zain Amri, Marketing Director and Co-Founder of Qulu Qulu It’s no doubt an innovative Malaysian drinks prepared through a fusion lifestyle which will brings a refreshing way of drinking coffee to the world.

Qulu Qulu offers varieties of drinks customizing according to different taste buds form Classics, Familiars to Specials. Classics offers Charm (Kopi, Tea, Milk & Kopi Boba), Blackopi (Kopi & Gula Melaka(, Kopi Silk (Kopi, MIlk, Gula Melaka & Kopi Boba) and TehSilk (Tea, Milk & Gula Melaka).

Tramadol Pills Online Familiars offers Cendolli (Kopi, Coconut Milk, Pandan, Gula Melaka & Kopi Boba), Chokado (Kopi, Acovado, Chocolate, Milk, Gula Melaka & Kopi Boba), Mamacha (Kopi, Match, Milk, Gula Melaka and & Kopi Boba, Cornella (Kopi Corn, Caramel, Milk, Gula Melaka & Kopi Boba) and Haliya (Kopi, Ginger, Milk & Gula Melaka). As for Specials, Qulu Qulu offers Lemona (Kopi, Lemon & Soda), Berimoo (Kopi, Wildberry & Milk) and Birutea (March, Butterfuly Blue Pea & Lemon).

Tramadol 200Mg Online We can’t really explain how it taste. You can only know if you experience it. So head on to Qulu Qulu at MyTown. Dataran Cascades OR Topen Shopping Center in Johor Bahru to experience the nostalgic feeling drink in a modern way now.

For more information, check out their facebook at

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