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Time machines might still be in the realm of science fiction. PUMA, however, transported guests back to the Y2K vibes at its exhilarating 2000s Flash Back Party! Held at Rollerwa @LaLaport Bukit Bintang KL, the evening buzzed with nostalgic charm in celebration of the vibrant release of PUMA’s latest Teveris Nitro product line, launched in collaboration with KPOP girl group IVE.

Apart from the Teveris Nitro collection, PUMA also celebrated the vivacious spirit of the 2000s. It was evident in every detail, from the sparkling roller skate performances to the attendees who lit up the venue with their radiant Y2K outfits.

“Tonight’s Flash Back Party wasn’t just a step back in time, but a stride forward in celebrating individuality and vibrant self-expression. At PUMA, we have always believed in blending fashion with function, and our collaboration with IVE for the Teveris Nitro collection encapsulates that spirit. We are ecstatic to see the energy and enthusiasm of the 2000s being channeled by today’s generation, and we remain committed to fostering such unique, dynamic experiences for our fans, our consumers, and our own future,” said Steven Tan, Country Manager of PUMA Malaysia.

The Rollerwa was transformed into a Y2K PUMA Playground, its centrepiece being a lively roller-skating performance. As the performance concluded, guests strapped on their PUMA-branded skates, zipping around the rink, reliving the carefree joy of the era.

As the night drew to its end, the party hit its crescendo with the announcement of the top three best-dressed guests. Winners were selected by judges as they embodied the essence of the iconic era, turning heads and capturing memories through their wardrobe creativity.

The evening was not just about reliving memories but also about making new ones. The Teveris Nitro collection, in collaboration with IVE, reflects PUMA’s unique blend of style and comfort, drawing inspiration from both retro vibes and modern design elements. The new product line, as highlighted during the event, resonates with those looking to stand out and express themselves in a sea of monochrome.

To learn more about PUMA’s Teveris Nitro collection, launched in collaboration with IVE, please visit: https://my.puma.com/my/en/worn-by-ive.

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