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There were many restaurants and cafes out there that serves burgers. But not much was serving premium burgers. If you are a premium burgers lover, you are in luck. We have found one of the home-based cafes; The Burger Chef. A brand is created by Chef Patrick – a local fine-dining chef, in the hope to serve premium and affordable burgers to Malaysians.

We have come across The Burger Chef on their Instagram and were attracted by their delicious burgers photos. After reading about them, it makes us wanted to try it out even more. The Burger Chef understands that the patty is the heart of a burger. Hence they had carefully selected premium halal meat to make patties that are juicy, tender, and packed with flavor.

Based on the recommendation by them, we had got their Pulled Angus Brisket Burger and Pulled Australian Lamb Burger for our lunch. The Pulled Angus Brisket Burger is their best seller in their cafe. The burger had the same great taste with a BBQ twist served with Angus beef brisket is marinated and cooked in the secret sauce for 6-7 hours (low temp) making the meat is so tender and juicy till you can pull it apart with your hands. The additional BBQ sauce had also been added into the pulled meat and letting it caramelize on the grill before serving for that extra flavor.

As for the Pulled Australian Lamb Burger were stacked with juicy pulled Australian lamb sourced from Australia/New Zealand and rubbed with a blend of herbs and spices before slow-roasted until it becomes tender, a spice rub, house slaw, and spicy sriracha mayo to add that extra zing on it. The was the first time that we had tasted a lamb burger that has such rich flavors in it.

This is a very honest review. We really loved both of these burgers. We saw there were any other burgers are available on their menu too such as Angus Pastrami Burger, Angus Rib Burger, and TBC Shrimp Rolls, and thinking to try it out on our next order. We believe that it definitely would also not disappoints us 🙂

If you would like to know more about The Burger Chef, check out their Instagram at or WhatsApp at 017-3047851 or visit to order.

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