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During this pandemic, we had been staying at home all the time. This doesn’t mean that we do not need to stay healthy. Since our movement has been restricted, this is the time we do need to take care of our health even more.

Besides exercising at home more frequently, the foods that we are taking also play an important part in our health. This is a very important time for us to keep ourselves healthy. If you have no ideas or are lazy to cook healthy meals, we would suggest you check out The Fish Bowl.

The Fish Bowl is the first Poke Bowl restaurant in Malaysia which has been serving us in Klang Valley since 2016. Specializing in serving nothing but the freshest poke bowls, The Fish Bowl is also on a mission to bring what’s healthy and delicious to everyone at affordable prices.

If you do not know, Poke Bowl is a meal orientated from Hawaii. It’s believed that poke was first prepared by native Polynesians centuries before Western travelers arrived on the islands. Initially, it was made with raw reef fish, seasoned with sea salt and seaweed, and combined with crushed candlenut. Salting of the fish was for both flavor and more importantly, preserving the fish. These were then been improvised to become to Poke Bowl that we have known today.

Ok back to our topic, what could you be expecting from The Fish Bowl? At The Fish Bowl, you would personalize your Poke Bowl with just 6 steps as below:

If you are able to see, all these choice selections were healthy and nutritious. By customizing the Poke Bowl based on your favorite sides, it would definitely meet your taste and nutrition needs all in one bowl. If you are lazy or indecisive about what to choose, you could also opt to choose from 8 of their Signature Bowls too!

To have a taste of both, we had selected one customized Poke Bowl and one of its Signature Bowls to try it out. For the customized Poke Bowl, we had chosen Quinoa as the base, Baby-Racha, and Herb Lime as the sauce, Onions, Edamame, Cherry Tomatoes, and Seaweed Salad as the sides, Fried Garlic Chips, Fried Shallots, Chia Seeds and Furikake as the topping and Early Grey Butter Fish as our protein. We have also add-ons Baked Salmon Skin and Button Mushrooms into our bowl too. As for the Signature Bowl, we have picked the Umazind Bowl served with Teriyaki Unagi, White Rice (can also opt for Brown Rice or Greens), Cucumber, Carrots, Pineapples, Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds, Furikake, Seaweed Flakes, Fish Roe, Teriyaki and Gar-Gar Sauce.

Both of the Poke Bowl really look appetizing to us. It was refreshing and also tasty at the same time. Don’t be fooled by the content of the bowl. Some of us might think that without any meat like chicken and etc, it would not be filling. You are wrong, The Fish Bowl gives really a generous portion of its fish and also sides where it would definitely fill up your tummy that could last you for a day. No Joke!

Currently, The Fish Bowl also offers Grab delivery around the Klang Valley area. If you are interested to know more, check out their website at or WhatsApp +6 012 301 8742 to order.

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