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With the pandemic that is currently going on, there were news that many consumers are very cautious when they want to pump my petrol or buying groceries. We have heard that many consumers tried to use sterilizer liquid to disinfect everything that they touch during the pumping and grocery buying process.

With the support from the government, many has slowly migrated from cash purchases to eWallets. But there were non of the eWallets enables us to pump petrol contactlessly at this moment. Understanding about the needs of us to protect our self from the viruses, Petronas has came out with Setel Apps that allows us to pump petrol and buy groceries contactlessly when we are at Petronas.

Setel is also Malaysia’s first e-payment solution that enables fuel purchases directly from mobile devices, is delivering on its promise to disrupt the retail-on-the-go scene in Malaysia through Deliver2Me and in-store cashless payment with the Setel Wallet. These new, innovative features offer greater convenience and maximise safety for Setel users at PETRONAS stations nationwide. In this app, user may use it to pay petrol (Pay,Pump and Go), purchase items in Kedai Mesra (Buy and Pay or Deliver2Me) from its store without the need to take out your cash or credit cards to purchase and also Mesra points redemption.

Pay, Pump and Go!

With the Pay, Pump and Go features on Setel Apps, you can now purchase your petrol in your car instead of walking over to the payment counter or insert your credit card at their terminal. All you have to do is to park your car at the pump terminal, open up Setel Apps, tap the Purchase fuel button, select your pump number and petrol purchase amount, enter your 6-digit PIN to confirm and you may start filing up your petrol.

At the end of the transaction, you will also be notified with an e-receipt. Your Mesra points will also be automatically credited into your account too.

Buy and Pay

When purchasing Items from Petronas Kedai Mesra store, you may be able to avoid physical contact with the petrol station staff too (including them touching your credit cards). What you need to do is to look for Payments at the button of the apps, tap the Pay button. You will then see a barcode appearing on the screen. Just let the petrol station staff to scan your barcode and you are done.

Check the list of participating PETRONAS stations and read more here:


Deliver2Me is a newly launched features in Setel apps. It allows Setel users to purchase selected items from participating Kedai Mesra outlets and have it promptly delivered directly to their vehicle while refuelling. Targeting those on-the-go, Deliver2Me offers a convenient way to shop without having to leave the comfort and safety of their vehicle.

For those that prefer the full shopping experience, Setel has introduced this cashless system to easily pay for items at 800 participating Kedai Mesra outlets ( through the Setel Wallet. The highly requested feature provides the option to pay for items in Kedai Mesra with minimal physical contact as an added safety feature easily via Setel.

This feature will automatically appear in your Setel apps when you are in the Petronas’s participating Kedai Mesra outlets where you are able to purchase items that is available at the Kedai Mesra in your car. After selecting items that you would like to purchase, you are requested to key in your vehicle number to enable them to send the items directly to you.

Deliver2Me is now available at six participating PETRONAS stations in the Klang Valley and will progressively roll out to all Setel-enabled stations nationwide starting Q1 2021.

Mesra Points Collection and Redemption

Besides checking and redeem your points at the store or online, now you could also collect, check and redeem Mesra points through the apps too. Just press on the Rewards button on the bottom of the apps, tap on Deals button, select the deals that you would like to redeem and follow the instructions. If you purchase any fuel or items in the Kedia Mesra with cash or credit cards and would like to redeem you Mesra points, you could also submit your claim receipt by scanning and submitting it through the apps.

Setel is currently available at over 900 PETRONAS stations nationwide and it is free on iOS and Android via the Apple Store, Google Play Store and Huawei AppGallery. For more information on Setel, visit

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