Elevete Patisserie Spreads Joy to Under Privileged Children this Christmas

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In the spirit of the holiday season, homegrown brand Elevete Patisserie donated cash and Christmas desserts worth RM 5,000 in total to two welfare organizations; Rumah Hope and Shelter for Home. The donation hopes to aid under privileged children and bring them joy during Christmas.

“During this very difficult time, we try to give back as much as possible to society, especially under privileged children. Despite the situation, we hope to put smiles on these children’s faces and bring them more joy through our Christmas desserts,” said Chef Edwin Chan, founder of Elevete Patisserie.

In an otherwise troubled year, Elevete Patisserie encourages its customers to anticipate and rejoice Christmas this season despite the entire country still fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

As Christmas draws near, it is not too late to plan your festivity, be it an intimate affair with loved ones. Elevete Patisserie has lined out the best desserts of cakes to keep everyone feeling cheerful during this season.

Elevete Patisserie invites you to celebrate your Christmas with Elevete Patisserie Christmas Confectionery here: https://www.elevete.com.my/

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