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Do you know much do we depend on the things we carry on daily? Those of you who have lost a wallet will remember that gut-wrenching feeling. Even losing your keys will set you back some time and money. It’s no surprise the industry is finding a way to keep an eye out for those valuables with new portable tracking technology. Now the Samsung is joining the game.

Samsung has recently launched its latest own accessory take on a Bluetooth-powered tracker. It hasn’t broken any new ground with the Galaxy SmartTag and this isn’t the first tracker of its kind but Samsung has made it as a further expansion to its ecosystem of connected devices.

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is a location tracker designed specifically for Galaxy smartphones and the SmartThings Find a network. It was introduced at Unpacked 2021 along with the Galaxy S21 series and it was included as a pre-order incentive for the new flagship in Malaysia earlier this year.

In this Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review, we look at the features of this Bluetooth tracker and see whether it would be useful to us.

The Design

The Galaxy SmartTag has a simple design and fairly small dimensions, which is an essential characteristic of a location tracker. While easily pocketable, the 0.39-inch thick SmartTag won’t really fit inside your wallet easily. That’s because it’s slightly bulging in the middle. It does have an IP53 rating for water resistance which means it can keep up with your outdoor lifestyle. The SmartTag can easily be snapped open to replace the CR2032 battery too.

The Features

Functionality-wise, Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag is a simple but effective device that can be tracked through the SmartThings mobile app. Users can attach the tracker to valuable objects and use SmartThings Find to locate them whenever they’re misplaced.

The Galaxy SmartTag also works the other way around, though in a more limited manner, meaning it can be used to locate a misplaced Galaxy smartphone. This is thanks to a button that can be pressed to trigger the connected smartphone’s ringtone.

Finally, the same button can be programmed and used to control IoT and home automation devices. It essentially turns the Galaxy SmartTag into a small IoT remote.

The Performance

The Galaxy SmartTag, it’s a very straightforward product with one main goal: is to help you find things that you’ve misplaced. The setup process is quite easy. Add it as a new device through the SmartThings app and the SmartTag will be automatically detected.

So how do you go about locating the items you’ve lost? Simply make the tracker ring through the app.

When you’re in Bluetooth range, you can utilize the signal strength meter to locate your misplaced item even if you can’t hear the tone. The meter’s strength increases as you get closer to the tracker.

If you’ve misplaced your phone but have the SmartTag on hand, you can make the smartphone ring through it as well by tapping the SmartTag’s button twice and you will be able to hear your phone ring!

Even if the lost item is not within the immediate vicinity, users can report their item lost via the Galaxy Find Network that uses scanned data to find the item. This feature allows users to scroll through a history of where the tag has been to retrace it.

Why It Is Different?

What really puts the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag ahead of other portable trackers is the company’s current footprint in the industry. Samsung is leveraging its vast galaxy of smartphone users to make it easier to find your lost tracker. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag emits a Bluetooth Low Energy signal that other Galaxy devices with the SmartThings app nearby can detect.

It also means that the Galaxy SmartTag isn’t only being tracked by your smartphone, but also by any other Samsung device out there that has the SmartThings app installed. Other Samsung handsets will connect to the tracker in the background via Bluetooth LE. If a Samsung user walks by your tracker, the location will be updated. Having this feature is huge considering Samsung continues to dominate the smartphone market.

Most of us find recharging devices annoying as we need to recharge them on a consistent basis. This device can last for months and uses a standard CR2032 coin cell battery that can be replaced easily and be found for a very cheap price in plenty of stores in our neighborhoods.

Another useful feature that the Galaxy SmartTag has which many other trackers don’t is its ability to act as a remote control for the Internet of Things routines. The button on the SmartTag has a single-press programmable function that can be linked to trigger many different IoT and home automation devices like smart lights and thermostats such as pressing or holding this button can initiate different customizable actions, such as sending a text, turning off your lights, change location mode, run scenes, and more. Its ability to function as a small IoT remote really makes the SmartTag worth its price tag.


While I can’t say it’s super tiny, the device is small enough to not feel cumbersome while carrying it around and it can be thrown in any pocket without creating bulk. The unit’s minimalist design and basic colors also make it a very discrete gadget that won’t attract much attention.

According to Samsung Malaysia’s online store, the Galaxy Smart Tag will be available in Malaysia starting from last 29th January for RM119. It’s currently priced at RM79 when you pre-order it on the online store. In addition, the Galaxy Smart Tag is bundled for free when you pre-order the Galaxy S21 series too. If you would like to check out the Samsung Galaxy’s SmartTag, visit

In the meantime, have a look at the Galaxy Smart Tag Unboxing video below:

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