Galaxy Watch 5 Elevates Your Workouts Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch 5 series aims to improve the user experience in several ways, whether through hardware upgrades, better software, or enhanced health tracking sensors and features.

Galaxy Watch 5 Advanced Sleep Tracking

Samsung is touting the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro to offer the world’s most advanced sleep tracking technology. In a press conference in New York shortly after the Galaxy Unpacked last week, company executive Yang Tae-jong said that the new watches are the best partner for healthy sleeping habits. Yang is the head of health research and development at Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Review The launch of the Galaxy Watch 5 is particularly interesting, to see how Samsung could push the platform forward once again. We got hands-on time with the new Galaxy Watch 5 – here are our points of view.

Best Power Adaptor that You Ever Need

Buy Valium Bulk Uk Getting our technology devices fully charged up is important especially when we are traveling. We at eRayn3, as travel enthusiasts who had always been traveling around the world yearly, we had realized that a good power adapter with some key features is important for our travels. Here are the top 3 key features that we look for when selecting our power adaptor:

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New Environmental Control Features with Galaxy Smart Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro

With the vision to create a wholesome ecosystem for our daily life, Samsung launched an improvised Galaxy Watch through its Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro together with its Z series phones. We had a chance to get a sneak peak of the watch before it was launched and here are some of the new improvements of this watch compared to its predecessor.

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What’s New in Today’s Galaxy Z Series Unpacked

Buy Valium 2Mg Online An one hour ago, Samsung had officially launch its 4th generation Z series phone; Samsung's foldable series of the year. It seems like we had just been impressed with its 3rd generation Z series not too long ago and now the 4th generation is here!

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Using Samsung Dex in Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Samsung DeX is one of the most unique One UI features and arguably unparalleled in the world of Android apps that attempt to deliver a desktop-like experience on mobile. With the company announcing its first Ultra-branded tablet earlier this year, i.e., the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, the DeX platform is seemingly becoming more important than ever. Especially now that Android 12 has become friendlier to ...

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra’s SPen Samsung's SPen had been recognized as one of the killer features for most of its Tab series. It started with its flagship Galaxy Tab S series tablet and now even its Galaxy Tab A8. All are able to use the SPen on it.

Why The Freestyle is Your Best Entertainment Companion

If you love streaming content, want something that’s easy to set up, and like the idea of taking the big screen with you wherever you go, The Freestyle is for you.

Samsung The Freestyle Portable Projector: Full Review

Earlier this year at CES, one of the most talked-about devices was Samsung’s The Freestyle. It’s a small and portable projector, which you might mistake for a spotlight if you first see it lying on the floor.

Samsung Freestyle Portable Projector: Our First Impression One of the device that had been announce on CES 2022 Samsung recently; The Freestyle (a small portable projector) had caught our eyes. This is not a surprise as Samsung had been one of the leading TV manufactuere brand over the past decades, its a natural progression for them to move into the projector markets.

Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite: A Budget GPS Smart Watch

Buy Valium Bulk Uk The Xiaomi-owned company' Redmi has launched the first generation Redmi Watch in the first half of 2021 and now they dished out a very similar-looking Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite months later. We personally believe that it was because of the success of the first version of the smartwatch and to ride on the flow, they have launched the second version of its smartwatch with better features on it.
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