MyLifeCodes Announces Packages That Aims to Empower Malaysians to Better Understand Their Body

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, individuals are now more aware and have taken more initiative to be more physically healthy . However, raising awareness is only the first step in a collective effort to encourage Malaysians to take control of personal healthcare and live a healthier lifestyle. Keen to further empower, MyLifeCodes, the newly founded genetic testing solutions provider in Malaysia, has recently introduced exciting packages to inspire individuals to understand their body better.

Founded in October 2020, MyLifeCodes has grown significantly in the past few months and has successfully improved the lives of over 120 patients. Led by Jacky Loong, who has eight years of experience as a healthcare provider, and in collaboration with expert medical professionals in Bioinformatics, MyLifeCodes offers a convenient, affordable and accessible approach to genetic testing. Keen to provide a solution-based approach to its patients, MyLifeCodes collates data from Malaysian and East Asian DNA samples, which ensures higher accuracy in comparison to other test kits in the local market. Striving to further improve others’ lives, MyLifeCodes strongly believes that genetic testing is necessary to lead a healthier lifestyle and vocally advocates prevention as a better solution than cure.

The introduction of MyLifeCodes and its exciting packages coincides with a critical period where non-communicable diseases (NCDs) or non-infectious medical conditions in Malaysia are worrying. Among the common types of NCDs are diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol, all of which are major risk factors. The Ministry of Health recently released the National Health and Morbidity Survey 2019, which shares a staggering 1.7 million people in Malaysia currently live with three major risk factors, with a further 3.4 million living with two major risk factors .

Diving deeper into the survey, one in every five Malaysian adults is diagnosed with diabetes, approximately 3.9 million people. Among the many methods to treat diabetes, adapting to a personalised diet plan based on nutrigenomics has been proven to be effective. Nutrigenomics, a method of studying how nutrition affects a person’s genetic makeup, help prevent nutrition-related chronic diseases and allows you to meet your nutritional and health needs. Also, the survey shares that three out of ten Malaysians are diagnosed with hypertension. Even more worrying, only half of these numbers are aware of the NCD they are diagnosed with, with only 45% of this group having the disease under control. All these points to the need for further awareness and highlights the benefits of genetic testing, allowing individuals to better understand their body and the risk factors they face.

Decode Your Life Code for Better Health

MyLifeCodes offers many solutions for patients to understand their health better. Currently, MyLifeCodes are offering three different packages; the Basic, Premium and Platinum packages. Amongst the key highlights of these packages are TP53 Gene cancer-risk , 23 health-risk, 11 nutrigenomics and 14 weight management reports, which tests an individual’s risks of developing a wide range of conditions. All three of these packages also detail other conditions by providing wellness, allergy and sensitivity, skin condition, weight management, fitness, and personality traits reports. Additionally, for the Premium and Platinum packages, patients are offered a free COVID-19 risk report and a vitamin and mineral analysis.

The data collated from MyLifeCodes’s reports are highly accurate. The reports are compared to the average predicted genetic risk, calculated based on data samples from the Malaysian population. Its accuracy and reliability is further enhanced with MyLifeCodes’ usage of the East Asian Genomic Coverage chip sequencing, a process that involves clinical research and scalability by combining genome-wide coverage from East Asian populations. Also, to understand health risks and to treat or prevent health complications, expert medical professionals are able to give patients free consultations upon receiving these genetic testing reports.

According to Jacky Loong, the founder of MyLifeCodes, “We are determined to help Malaysians live a better life. A high number of the population are at risk and diagnosed with NCDs, which is why we feel obligated to play our part in reducing these numbers. This is the main reason why MyLifeCodes has introduced convenient, affordable and accessible genetic testing packages. After choosing the preferred package, patients will go through a simple four-step process; Receive the DNA test kit, collect the saliva in a test tube, send the DNA sample back for testing, and receive the results after 6 to 8 weeks.

Upon receiving the results, patients are also given free consultation sessions with MyLifeCode’s expert medical professionals.At MyLifeCodes, we believe that prevention is better than cure, which is why we dedicate our knowledge to raise awareness and provide better education on health-related issues,”.

To further empower a healthier lifestyle, an additional option of prescribing to personalised yet affordable supplements are being offered to MyLifeCode’s patients. MyLifeCodes’s supplements are formulated based on the DNA reports, tapping into a patient’s genetic strengths, needs or DNA compatibility, in contrast to the other supplements offered in the market. Personalised supplements provide patients with the right combination of nutrients and vitamins to ensure effectiveness in comparison to the usual one-size-fits-all supplements. Offered at an affordable price, the supplements will be delivered to the comfort of the patient’s home every month.

Waiy Kua Khi, a patient from MyLifeCodes, shared, “Previously, I was personally unaware of my health-risks and only after prescribing to MyLifeCodes, I began to see a different perspective to personal health. It is essential to understand your genetic predispositions, as it guides an individual to make the necessary changes in order to improve immune strength, optimise health and avoid several medical diseases. The results from MyLifeCode’s genetic testing as well as the consultations has also helped me learn how different factors such as stress, nutrition and environmental toxin affects a person’s gene expression,”.

Patients interested in undergoing genetic testing with MyLifeCodes are able to undergo tests from the comfort of their homes, and are able to be delivered throughout the country. For further information on MyLIfeCodes and its affordable, accurate and convenient genetic testing packages, kindly visit

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