Get Your Hi-Tea Vaccine at LePont

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As the pandemic is still going on and many of us are still waiting to be vaccinated, it must be a very stressful time for everyone. We hear you as we are also the same here. For us life must goes on. The only thing we must do now is to play our part by Staying at Home.

Yes we know, saying at home tend to be very stressful overtime. Why not lets try to make our day with some delicious themed hi-tea at the comfort of our home? In order to relieve some stress over the wait for vaccine, we discovered that LePont; one of the favourite pastries, bakeries and meals cafe in Kuchai Lama has came out with a CoV Ball Hi-Tea set for us to enjoy at the comfort of our home!

So what basically this CoV Ball is? CoV Ball is a Chocolate coated ball with double chocolate brownie and chocolate fresh cream inside. On the outside of the ball there were Red Spike (Raspberry Bits) which is representing S Protein and Yellow Dot (Chocolote Bits) which is representing M protein being stick on it. Doesn’t it looks like a Covid Ball?

On top of that, each of the CoV Ball come with a “Happy Booster” of your choice:

1. Fizer-BlueNTech (Blueberry Puree)
2. PassEn (Passion Fruit Puree)
3. AZ BloOrange (Blood Orange Puree)
4. MoreMango (Mango Puree)
5. StrawNovac (Strawberry Puree)

To enjoy this CoV Ball, all you have to do is to pump the happy booster potion into the CoV Ball; pst: doesn’t it look like we are destroying the Covid Virus?

This were an awesome theme to have during this time and we are loving it. To complete the Hi-Tea of course this would be perfectly paired with their Signature Filter Black Coffee too.

This black coffee can be drink as it is or you could also be using it to make an iced Mocha too by:

1) Adding Ice Cube and Chocolate Mixture (15g of chocolate powder mixed with hot water) into the cup
2) Add 150 ml LePont Filter Black Coffee
3) Add Sugar Syrup to your desired sweetness
4) Stir it well and it was ready to be served.

P/s: In order to get most out of the CoV Ball and Happy Booster, it is advisable to keep them chilled all the time (CoV ball was afraid of the hear.. haha..) You may take as many dose as you like to filled up the emptiness and stress in you!

The Cov Ball (includes on of the Happy Booster at your choice) were price at RM 25 each. If you would like to get more than 1 CoV Ball, they have 3 Balls at RM 68  and 5 Balls at RM 100( which includes 3 and 5 Happy Booster respectively at your choice) too. This CoV would be available for purchase starting from 7th June 2021 for delivery. Oh ya, you may enjoy a RM 10 delivery charge rebate if your order is above RM 50 during this lockdown. For more information or booking, you may contact WhatsApp: or visit their website at

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