Keep Your Workout Motivation Flying High with Galaxy A

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In the absence of our much-loved gyms and studios, livestream workouts are taking the internet by storm. From yoga to HIIT and everything in between, there is a livestream class for it. As we are currently spending more time at home to play a role in reducing the severity of the pandemic in Malaysia, we need to physically stay active and give ourselves the much needed mood boost to boot.

These days maintaining our exercise routine at home seems more like a ‘should’ than a ‘want to’. Here are a few tips to get you fired up:

Your virtual personal trainer

Treat your smartphones like the personal fitness trainer who never bails, you can find tons of fitness-on-demand apps, which feature thousands of workouts and training programs. Whether you want to push your endurance through a weight loss program or build your core muscles through an energizing yoga video – it is possible to achieve a studio-like experience even when you are home. All you need is to stream your workout class on a cinematic display like the one on the Galaxy A series, and it will get you feeling as if you are there in real life.

Feel awesome with Samsung Health

In addition, make use of the Samsung Health app on the Galaxy A series to help you stay active and healthy indoors. Just take a moment to set up your goals and the app will give you a range of fitness programs tailored to your different needs, including stretching, toning, and endurance building. From diet and exercise trackers to meditation guides, the app offers simple and easy ways to help you maintain your wellbeing.

Don’t be bummed out because your workout buddy isn’t physically there exercising with you; turn it around and spice it up by organizing a friendly match with your friends (or meet other users around the world) to keep the momentum going. Scroll through the various fitness lineups on Samsung Health and commit to workout videos you can do together. Simply set a time where you can all be online at the same time and help each other stick to the schedule.

Move to the beat

Listening to music while you exercise enhances the quality of your workout by increasing your stamina. Your workouts may feel less like work. So get into the groove by finding a playlist that synchronizes to the rhythm of your fitness activity. Pair your Galaxy A series with Bluetooth earbuds like the Galaxy Buds or Galaxy Buds+ to make it easier for you to jam out to your favourite tunes, hands-free, as you move to the beat of that music, pushing you to exercise longer and harder.

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