Samsung Implemented One UI into its Latest Software Upgrades

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User Interface (UI) is a very important feature in mobile to a user. Especially when we are able to do almost everything with our mobile nowadays. Ranging from gaming, messaging, emails, photo & video taking and editing, banking, and many more.

With the change of user behaviour, mobile’s UI friendliness and responsiveness are some of the determining factors of mobile success. Even in Android, different brands have different UI for their mobile. While competing with each other, we at eRayn3 as a user could definitely vote for Samsung as the best android phones UI creator.

Even with that, it doesn’t stop Samsung to keep improving its UI for a better experience for its users. With the recent software update that has been launched, it has been said to have some improvements in the mobile’s UI through its One UI feature; bringing updates to support powerful functionality for some of its existing smartphones.

So… what’s can we expect from this One UI?

Based on Jeonnggun Choi, the Principal UX Designer in the Core UX group, Mobile Communication Business, Samsung Electronics, they had designed the One UI based on four principles to give users the best experience possible.

From tablets to foldable phones and regular phones, we know that they have diversified complexity features and designs into these different products. Hence we are curious about what Jeonnggun Choi has successfully simplified. As we dive deeper into understanding the One UI, we found out that below were some of the UI improvements that we could expect in its latest software updates.

Samsung Notes app on smartphones with regular-sized displays

When using the Samsung Notes app on smartphones with regular-sized displays, for example, users can access the app menu by pressing the navigation button at the top left side of the screen. But on the Galaxy Z Fold and Tab series, users can take advantage of the larger display by having the entire menu always in view, without having to press anything.

Before (left) and after (right) views of the high contrast menu function

Improved the accessibility experience by Recommending Features

As part of the fourth principle, Samsung has also improved the accessibility experience by recommending features that complement the ones already in use. When someone with impaired or weakened vision has High contrast fonts turned on, for example, One UI suggests other features that improve visibility such as Bold font or Dark mode on the Recommended for you screen. One UI also reduces the hassle of having to sort through several menus by allowing users to turn off any accessibility features they are using from a single screen.

Galaxy Ecosystem Allows for Seamless Connectivity Between Devices

Another perk offered by One UI 3 is the ability to seamlessly switch between smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Taking into account the increased use of tablets and laptops spurred by a boom in remote learning and work, the new update provides a ‘connected device experience.’ This seamless ecosystem is paramount to enhancing study and work productivity.

• Continue apps on other devices

A new feature called “Continue apps on other devices” has been added so that users can continue whatever they were doing on their smartphone – whether browsing a web page or working on a draft in Samsung Notes – on their tablet. Users can also copy the text on their smartphones and paste it onto their tablets.

• Book Cover Keyboard

In addition, users can connect their Book Cover Keyboard to both their tablet and smartphone with the Wireless keyboard sharing feature. The new Auto Switch feature also automatically connects Galaxy Buds to whichever device is playing media, so that users can seamlessly switch between their smartphones and tablets.

• Connected Device Experiences

Connected device experiences are not only available with mobile devices, they are also available on home appliances such as TVs. Starting with One UI 3, users can use Smart View to enjoy multimedia content from their smartphone on their TV alongside the camera feed from their smartphone. This is especially beneficial for users who work out at home, allowing them to compare their movements with those of their virtual instructor.

Starting with the One UI 3.1 update, users can cast their Google Duo video calls onto their TV with one just click. With an increasing number of people connecting with their family via video calls and conducting virtual work meetings, this is an especially useful feature.

A Customizable Galaxy Experience to Suit Your Needs

Smartphones are no longer just a tool that gives users the power to do various tasks—they’ve become a means of self-expression. Perhaps the best example is decorating the Galaxy Z Flip with stickers to create your own unique phone. But there are many ways to create a custom smartphone experience with the latest updates.

“We have implemented a diverse array of features to let users use their smartphone as a form of self-expression,” said Jeonggun Choi. “Users can enjoy a customized Galaxy experience by choosing a video as the incoming and outgoing call screen or changing the wallpaper in the Messages app.”

Saving Your Time, Even if it’s Only 1 Second

• Clock app with Digital Wellbeing’s Bedtime mode.

Another updated feature available through One UI 3.1 is the integration of the Clock app with Digital Wellbeing’s Bedtime mode. After opening the Clock app, users can tap See More, then tap Set bedtime to set their sleep and wake-up times. Users no longer have to switch between two apps, making setting a daily sleep schedule easier and faster.

Before (left) and after (right) views of the quick panel. The design has been simplified and the most commonly used icons have been placed to speed up the search process. Users can add other icons by clicking the ‘See more’ button in the top right corner.

Even though this upgraded UI through One UI were not a big change in the mobile UI and features but these were some of the things that we had struggled with for years while working with multi-devices. With this improved UI and features, it would definitely save us time customizing our devices features and also connecting our files real time with multi-devices.

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