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We had tried out many types of fusions foods that are available in town. But its rare for us to find any Japanese fusion foods available. Last week, we had discovered a restaurant nestled in Seri Petaling offers Japanese fusion cuisines in a beautiful dining environment named Titi Fusion.

After understanding the restaurant from its team, no wonder we were attracted to its dining design and environment. The restaurant actually had been awarded the 2018 Gold A’Design Award. The designs have created an ambiance for people to bond over good wine and good food at the same time getting acquainted with the Japanese and French culture.

The restaurant kitchen was headed by 2 master chef; Soong Chee Heen the Head Chef with over 7 years experience of in Japanese and French Cuisine under the tutelage of Michelin-starred chefs in France in fina dining and Thomas Chan the Executive Chef with over 15 years of international experience in Japanese cuisine, specializing in Omakase dishes.

We had started our meal with its welcome drink and Salmon Carpaccio (Norweign sashimi grade salmon with apple dressing accompanied by dill shallots, salmon roe and edible greens) as our appetizer followed by a Beef Tataki Mushroom Soup with Truffles (cream of mushroom soup accompanied by cured swiss brown mushroom, eryngii mushrooms and truffles pate).

As for mains, we had tried out 5 of its highly recommended mains; its Braised Beef Cheek (slow-braised Australian beef cheek accompanied by Japanese braised radish arugula and English mustard), Herb Crusted Lamb Loin (Lamb Persillade with Miso Aji Panca and Marinated heirloom tomatoes), Mackerel (pan seared mackerel and scallops in bouillabaisse, heirloom tomatoes and chive oil),  Pousin Yasai Zuke (roasted spring chicken roulade, marinated in vegetable miso accompanied by Yuzu Soy Butter) and Charred Cod Fish (charred marinated codfish in Sriracha miso, hijiki seaweed and pickles). Additionally, we also had ordered an Angel Hair Prawn Bisque (angel hair with veloute of prawn bisque accompanied by Japanese red prawn and caviar) too.

Before we end our meal we were attracted to another cold dish on their menu; the Cold Somen (it’s a mixture of chilled Japanese somen, spring onion, myoga ginger, yuzu, and braised shitake mushroom). We had to end our dinner with its 2 desserts; Matcha Tiramisu (Bailey’s Cream, espresso, mascarpone cheese and yuzu) and Genmaicha Panna Cotta with Kuramitsu (roasted brown rice panna cotta with Japanese dark sugar syrup accompanied by Japanese red prawn and caviar).

Salmon Carpaccio
Beef Tataki
Mushroom Soup
Braised Beef Cheek
Herb Crusted Lamb Loin
Pousin Yasai Suki
Charred Cod Fish
Angle Hair Prawn Bisque
Cold Somen
Matcha Tiramisu
Genmaicha Panna Cotta

To be honest, the foods were awesome and we had a great time hanging out together in a great environment with great food. Currently, Titi Fusion is running a Lucious 5 Course Tasting Menu in its restaurant serving an Appetiser, Soup, Noodles, Main Course (selection with either Braised Beef Cheek, Herb Crusted Lamb Loin or Wagyu M8) with the price starting at RM 170. Diners may also enjoy its House Pouring Wine (1 Blanc & 1 Rouge) by adding RM 40 only.

For more information or reservation, you may check out Titit Fusion at or Call/WhatsApp 018 202 3973.

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