Hidden Local Home Thai Food at PJ New Town

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Fresh, bold, and aromatic, the Thais know how to leave an impression when it comes to cuisine. Their unique style of cooking — heavy on the use of spices and herbs, not unlike our own local cooking– gives their food character, and the sense of familiarity might explain why we can’t get enough of it.

There were many Thai restaurants offers authentic Thai foods from Thailand. But have you every tasted a locally, I mean local Malaysian Thai home cook foods? When we talk about Thai home cook foods it is not the street foods that we are getting in other restaurant.

We have discovered that there were one Thai restaurant who serves local Thai home cooked foods in town. The restaurant that has more than 35 years of operation was currently run by its 3rd generation family member; Ivan Yuen who was also a Professional Squash Player named Thai Corner which is located in PJ New Town.

The restaurant has often been visited by the locals in the town for its local taste that suits their taste buds. Among the signature dishes in the restaurant were; Kerabu Mango, Thai Fried Egg, Thai Fried Brinjal with Chilli, Thai Pandan Chicken, Tom Yam (Prawn and Sotong) and Thai Style Steamed Fish.

Kerabu Mango
Thai Fried Egg
Thai Pandan Chicken
Tom Yam (Prawn and Sotong)
Thai Style Steamed Fish

If you happen to be around PJ New Town, why not try to check out this locally Thai cuisines restaurant. For more information, check out their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/thaicornerpj

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