Getting back the Memories of Our Grandmother’s Cooking

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Reminiscing the memories that we have with our grandmother and her cooking when we were small, are one of the thing that we love to have. This is one of the reason a homegrown brand; GrandMama is a lively and friendly Malaysian restaurant in a contemporary setting, serving traditional Flavours of Malaysian bring back our fond memories with our grandmother and her cooking.

Grandmama’s brought back the memories of our grandma used to cook the food in its more authentic presence. In Grandmama’s food is still authentic but dining experience has been uplifted.

This Ramadhan, Grandmama is offering special sets menu for muslims to breakfast (of course non muslims are also welcome to enjoy it;

Set A (RM78++ 2 pax)
* Curry Chicken
* Hainanese Style Mackerel Fish With Sweet & Sour Sauce
* Burung Puyuh Goreng Kunyit
* Udang Masak Merah
* Vegetable of The Day
* Deep-fried Chicken Bean Curd Roll

Set B (RM155++ 4 pax)
* Deep-fried Spice Chicken
* Beef Rendang
* Sweet & Sour Fish
* Prawn and Squid with Chef’s Signature Sauce
* Burung Puyuh Masak Merah
* Vegetable of the Day
* Deep-fried Chicken Bean Curd Roll

Set C (RM285++ 6 pax)
* Seafood Curry Hot Pot
* Hainanese Style Mackerel Fish with Sweet & Sour Sauce
* Sweet & Sour Chicken
* Black Pepper Sauce Beef with Cashew Nuts
* Udang Masak Merah
* Deep-fried Squids with Pepper Salt
* Vegetable of the Day
* Deep-fried Chicken Bean Curd Roll

Bringing you delectable flavours of Malaysian cuisine in bamboo dulang style, each set served with Nasi Kerabu, Kuih-muih, Kurma, Keropok Ikan, Ulam-ulam, Cili Belacan and Otak-otak.

They also offers special 3-layers break fast’s drinks (Coffee, Tea, Bandung) for your selection at only RM 10.90+ each and RM 13.90+ each for KLIA & Genting. This promotion are valid from 27th May to 24th June 2017.

Grandmama is a place to unwind and relax with friends and family to share the joy of everyday life or to celebrate any special occasion.

The Grandmama’s at Pavilion is one of the restaurants in the mall for the local as well as tourists. They serve signature local cuisines such as nasi lemak, nasi ayam istimewa, fried kueh teow, curry fish head, hakka fried rice and etc. The choice of food is Malaysian local cuisine depict of multi races country.

For more information on Grandmama, visit

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