Authentic SiChuan Mala Steamboat

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SiChuan steamboat was originated from SiChuan Province which is known for its appetite for spicy food. This mouth-burning and tongue-numbing hot pot has been gaining enormous amount of attention in recent years in Kuala Lumpur.

But it’s not easy to find an authentic one in Klang Valley nowadays as many are being operated by the locals not the one from SiChuan, China. But the good news is, we found an authentic SiChuan Mala Steamboat located at Kota Damansara.

Besides the Mala soup (Spicy or Half-Spicy), they also offers Seafood Soup, Chinese Herbal Soup, Pickled Cabbage Fish Soup, Pork Bone Soup, Pork Herbal Soup, Bamboo Fungus Soup and Mushroom Chicken Soup. All soups recipe was originated from SiChuan China. Of course you could have the Yin Yang’s soup (2 kind of soup in on pot).

Cheap Tramadol Cod Delivery They have approximately 100 types of dish choices for your selection to go with the soups. They have 14 choices of seafood; Baby Abalone, Australia Scallop, River Prawn, Fresh Frog, Gui Fei Abalone, Promfret Fish, Scallop, Dory Fish, Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw, Jelly Fish, Crab Stick, Fresh Cuttle Fish & Seaweed.

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As for the meat, they offers about 16 choices for you to choose; Beef Slice, Lamb Slice, Spicy Beef Slice, Tender Beef Slice, Pork Belly, Pork Slice, Chicken Breast, Pork Kidney, Luncheon Meat, Pork Tripe, Pork Intestine, Intestines (San Cheong), Pork Brains, Pork Liver, Pork Blood Cake and Hunan Bacon. They also do have 13 choices of balls; Chicken Meat Ball, Pork Ball, Lobster Ball, Seafood Ball, Foo Chow Meat Ball, Salmon Fish Ball, Cuttle Fish Meat Ball, Fish Ball, Prawn Ball, Ve Meat Ball, Vege Ball and Dumplings. Fish BallFish BallMeat BallMeat Ball

Mushroom was one of their signature dish where they offers up to 9 choices of mushrooms; Bamboo Fungus, Big Mushrooms, Grass Mushroom, Button Mushroom, Abalone Mushroom, Enoki (Golden Needle Mushroom), Wood Fungus, Water Mushroom and White Mushroom. They have 24 choices of Vegetables; Lotus, Parsley, Brocolli, Baby Cabbage, Lettuce, Bamboo Shoots, Corn, Onion, Pumpkin, Watercress, Bayam, Spinach, Yao Mak, Sweet Potatoes, Yam, Cabbage. Chinese Cabbage, Kangkung, Pickled Cabbage, Cucumber, Winter Melon, Potato, Bean Sprout and White Carrot. They also have 8 choices of bean curd; Seafood Tofu, Tofu, Fried Beancurd Tofu, Japanese Tofu, Tofu Puff, White Beancurd Skin, Beancurd Slice and Smooth Breancurd.

6 choice of noodles; Red Potato Noodles, Egg Noodles, Spinach Noodles, Yee Mee, Bee Hoon and Tang Hoon. 3 Types of eggs; Fresh Egg, Quail’s Egg and Century Egg.

Besides SiChuan Mala Steamboat, Lucky Cuisine Restaurant also do serves Authentic SiChuan dishes and what we could say it, it taste the same as the one in China that we have tasted before.

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Order Tramadol Overnight Uk They also have Lunch Set offers from Tuesday to Friday (11am-3pm) at RM 11.90 nett.

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