Galaxy Watch 5 Elevates Your Workouts

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Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch 5 series aims to improve the user experience in several ways, whether through hardware upgrades, better software, or enhanced health tracking sensors and features. Both Galaxy Watch 5 models use the same BioActive sensor and share similar capabilities, save for the fact that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro model flaunts a handful of exclusive Health features that the standard variant lacks.

Exercising can get pretty technical when it comes to your stats and numbers. But the Galaxy Watch5 can help make things a little less complicated with all of its fitness features. It allows you to record workouts, your heart rate, your distance, and much more! Watches with the One UI 4.1 update can even measure your sweat loss and Vo2 Max during runs! They also measure body composition and allow users to set targets too! Here are some features that you could get from the Galaxy Watch 5.

Your watch can automatically detect when you begin certain exercises, such as Running or Swimming, as long as you have the right settings enabled. However, you can also manually start a workout too if you’d like to make sure the watch is recording everything. If you have a health condition or just like to keep a close eye on your cardio, there is a way to make your watch constantly monitor your heart rate. This could save your life by indicating a warning sign if there were something wrong with your heartbeat.

Measure your stats while you run

Whether you’re a casual runner or an aspiring track star, the Galaxy Watch4 and Watch5 has the capability to measure your stats! It’s the perfect way to see how you’ve improved over time.

  1. Before your running workout, make sure you’ve turned on continuous heart rate tracking – please see the previous section for instructions on this. Your watch’s GPS and Location service will also need to be enabled.
  2. When you’re ready, swipe up to access the Apps screen, and then open Samsung Health.
  3. Swipe to and tap Exercise. Tap Choose workout, and allow any permissions if needed.
  4. Tap Running, follow any on-screen instructions, and then wait for the countdown to finish. The workout timer will begin – start jogging!

5. As you run, the Running workout tracker will record your pace, distance, and heart rate.
6. The Running tracker can also measure your sweat loss and Vo2 Max. However, you will need to run a certain speed and distance for these to be recorded. If you meet the requirements, you can view the measurements after you’ve completed the workout.

  • If you’d like to measure your sweat loss, you have to run a minimum pace of 5km/hr for at least 2.5km.
  • If you’d like to measure your Vo2 Max, you have to run at least 4km per hour for 10 minutes on a flat path. A good GPS signal is required as well.

7.  When you are finished running, swipe right on the watch’s screen, and then tap the Finish icon

8. To see a full summary of your workout’s results, navigate back to the Samsung Health Home screen. Swipe to and tap Exercise.
9. Swipe up to see your current workouts. Tap the most recent Running workout to view a summary of your measurements during your run
10. If you met the requirements for recording your sweat loss and Vo2 Max, these measurements will display. They can be found near the bottom of the summary.

Note: These features may not be supported by auto-detected workouts. To use these features, you will need to start a running workout from your watch first.

Both watches come with Privacy Dashboard that gives users control over what features and data they want to keep private. For more information check out Samsung’s Official website at Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

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