Face Mask the New Normal. Customised Your Recycleable Mask

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As we know Corona Virus will not be gone so soon. Even if our MCO has been lifted. In order to protect our self and others, wearing face mask in the public are important.

But it will cost us a lot with the disposable face mask as it needs be replenish overtime. With the recession that we are facing after the MCO, it would be good for us to save some money for rainy days instead to splurging it out on disposable face mask.

The other alternative that we have was the recyclable face mask. There were many recyclable face mask int he market that is made from micro fiber up to cloth but most if it have the same common design which can’t be differentiated.

If you would like to wear an unique face mask in style, get yourself a customized face mask. You may customized your own face mask with designs that you love and even with your own name on it. It is washable and there were additional 2 layers of 5-layers filters been given together with the mask at only RM 20 per piece.

You may also customized your own very own set of gifts set such as Mugs, Thermos and many more for yourself, friends and families.

For more information or for bulk purchase visit BestSub at http://www.BestSub.my or for individual item get a 10% discount from 7th May 2020 to 7th Aug 2020 at their Shopee shop at: https://shopee.com.my/%E3%80%90Personal-Pack%E3%80%91Reusable-Mask-Washable-Mask-Face-Mask-Topeng-Muka-Anti-dusk-Face-Mask-Bestsub-Steady-Bom-pi-pi-i.92523493.3933153154 by typing the Shopee voucher code: TOTABG001

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